Windows 8.1 is on Its Way

the new free update by Microsoft will be officially available from next month. For all, you need to know about Windows 8.1, read our guide which has been compiled together with help from the learning center at to expect This latest edition of Windows, which has been accessible for preview since June this year, will be rolled out worldwide from October 17 onwards. Anyone who has already tried the preview will have a pretty good idea what to expect from Windows 8.1, although a few changes have been made – as is the norm with the completion of anything under the development process.

The new and improved modern operating system has been developed further from its predecessor, which already had desktops, laptops, and tablets in mind to offer better performance to users. This latest advancement now known as Windows 8.1, formerly Windows Blue, boasts a range of key features – making it better than ever. Benefits ‘Start button’ The Start button, as opposed to a Start menu, will take you to the Start screen just like Windows 8 did. However – the difference is that this function has been heavily evolved and enhanced for a better user experience.

Windows 8.1 is on Its Way

‘Boot to Desktop’ The new Windows also has a ‘Boot to Desktop’ choice which means you can side-step past the Start screen if you wish. ‘Apps’ The All Apps screen has been improved, as well as some of the already built-in applications being further enhanced too and more apps becoming available in the Windows Store to buy. ‘

Tile’ Arrange your tiles as you like in whatever sizing you wish to make your user experience easier and better. ‘Internet Explorer’ The new program comes as part of the package which offers new features too, such as loading web pages much faster. ‘Single search   You only need to do a single search which will get you results not only from the web, but also your PC and apps. This is powered by search engine Bing. ‘

Cloud storage’ Benefit from built-in cloud storage from SkyDrive. This makes your files, such as documents and photographs, accessible wherever you are – whether you are online or not. ‘personalize’   You can organize everything on your Start screen however you like as well as adapting and customizing your background to make it personal to you. Windows 8.1 can be used whichever way you wish. ‘

Slideshow’ A lock screen slideshow allows you to turn your screen into a photo frame showing pictures of your choice. How to get it If you already have Windows 8 installed on your PC or laptop, you will be able to download and install this up-to-date version of the software by visiting Microsoft’s Windows store online.

All you need to do is click or tap on ‘Windows 8.1’ when you find it on the Store page and then download it. Alternatively, it will also be available to buy, or if you are looking to purchase a new computer – this version will also be offered on new hardware from PCs, laptops to tablets.