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What Happens To Donor Area After FUE Hair Transplant?

A lot of people who undergo the hair transplant surgery in Dubai need to know what will happen to their donor area once the procedure is completed? The surgical transplant surgery involves the harvesting of donor area to get the healthier grafts and implanted to the recipient area. The harvesting is done with the help of a special punching tool that digs very small holes and extracts the grafts. This grafting technique leaves a few scars that take the time to heal the donor site.

Graft Extraction

Every technique has its own procedure of harvesting the grafts. Here we are talking about the technique of FUE hair transplant in Dubai. In this procedure, the healthy grafts are extracted in the form of follicular units. Each follicle has 1-4 strands in it. The number of follicular grafts extracted depends upon the density of baldness. Or, if more volume is required on the bald area, the number of grafts extracted in according to that. After the procedure, proper post op care is needed to keep the new grafts intact and avoid any damage to them.

FUE Hair Transplant

After The Treatment

The instructions are given to the patient by the doctor to follow regarding scalp care. Proper scalp cares is necessary to keep the outcome smooth and to let the donor area heal quickly and efficiently. The healing of donor site normally takes 2 weeks to the maximum, while the redness persists for a bit longer, particularly for the fair skin people. It also vanishes in about 2 months, approximately. Let’s have a look at some useful aspects for your better know how on the post op process of scalp healing, especially the donor area.

Hair Transplant and Growth Cycle

The hair follicles are the main hair producing factories on your scalp. They naturally go through a cycle that starts from shedding to regrowth. This normal cycle can temporarily stick on the resting phase sure to hair transplant. The resting phase is part of the growth cycle in which the old follicles fall to make a way for new hair growth. This means that after the treatment, new grafts also shed, which is known as the ‘shock loss’. It’s normal and a temporary effect that occurs due to the shock, that is given to follicles by this surgical treatment.

The Shock Loss Is Normal

Call it a side effect or something, but it is normal and no need to worry about it. Generally, it lasts for 100 days to the maximum. The new hair grows in minimum 2 months. The new growth may be uneven due to the disturbance in hair cycle. You don’t have to worry about it, as it is perfectly normal. Ultimately, it takes up to 8 months to the minimum and 12 months to the maximum for the full hair growth. Other than that, the quick or slow growth also vary from person to person.

Sufficient Blood Supply Heals Quickly

The new follicles that are implanted, need a sufficient amount of blood flow to help them flourish. Same is the case with the donor area. It is necessary to keep the blood flow sufficient in order to make it heal quickly. It is advised that’s why to sleep in an upright position after the procedure. By keeping your head elevated helps the scalp to retain the normal blood flow and also prevents it from more swelling. It is also comfortable for you to rest your head without damaging the new grafts and donor area.

Recovery Time

The recovery time of scalp after the procedure is minimal, because there is no use of your hair in daily routine. So just by taking care of sleeping posture and well-managed scalp handling is enough for the smooth recovery. Although, the exercises or heavy exertion should be avoided to prevent any compromise on the normal blood flow of your body. The wait is necessary until the staples are removed from the donor site, which takes almost a week.

What to Apply On Scalp?

Don’t treat your hair with any cosmetic product, shampoo or anything other than prescribed by your surgeon. One month after the procedure need your patience and care. You can bear it to get the lifetime excellent outcomes.

Importance of Follow ups

Good clinics offer a regular checkup programs. After the hair transplant surgery in Dubai, regular follow ups are done in order to keep track of patient’s recovery. It is also the responsibility of the patient to take care of scalp as instructed, to achieve the best outcomes. Any complication while the recovery process is very rare. But still, if you feel something odd, then call your surgeon immediately and clear your confusions. It is always best to clear your reservations with your doctor, to avoid further misconceptions or hitches.

Goal Is To Achieve Excellent Outcome

This treatment is a very sophisticated kind of surgery and is performed by the team of experts who have professional experience in this field and know the best practices. So, in order to achieve the perfect outcome, proper instruction is given to the patient for proper post op care. Every patient who comes for treatment has a different type of hair loss or baldness. So, a detailed maintenance plan may be constituted for each patient, including topical prescription medications as a supplement.

Patient’s Cooperation Yields Best Results

It is imperative for every person to follow the given post op instructions strictly. It’s for your own betterment and to make your time and money worth investing in hair transplant cost. If you fail to do so, it will not be life threatening, but may make this procedure unfruitful. It is because any mishandling to scalp can lead to the damage of follicles that are already there on the donor site.

 It is clearly not a reason to frighten you, but a tip to achieve better results out of this treatment. The complications are very rare to none because special care is taken to perform this procedure and quality is always a major goal of a reputed doctor who performs this procedure for you.