What are you planning to gift your husband on his birthday?

Without any second thoughts, a birthday is the much awaited time of the year. When that birthday is of your husband, the excitement must be more than usual. You must be busy planning for buying gifts for husband’s birthday. After doing this part, you also have to chalk out the evening party and prepare the menu. So, a lot of task is ahead you and you have to excel in all of them, after all it is his birthday.

Here, take a cue from the following and buy a decent gift for your husband to surprise him on his birthday.

Fitness watch: This particular watch has become a popular one among health and fitness freak people.  A watch that checks your heartbeat, calories burnt or gained, sleeping hours, or steps walked. We hardly know about our body the way this small equipment can let us know. So, if you want a fit and fine husband, encourage him for a better life with this amazing gift.

planning to gift your husband on his birthday

Gym Subscription: Is he getting pot-bellied? You may be trying hard in your kitchen to make dishes as per his growing age and problems but you also know that you cannot control him totally. He would not stop eating junk outside with friends. So, get a gym subscription for him and when he would see the effects after 2 months, he himself would feel motivated to remain cool and fit. A meaningful birthday gift like this one will always be cherished.

Guitar: If he used to play in his college days and somehow stopped that passion for various hiccups of life, this is high time you get him closer to his music love. Get a brand new guitar for him and he would be more than happy with it. After work, a bit of creative relaxation can be gained with such a gift.

Popcorn maker: This one is for those husbands who are away from their wives. Staying alone means doing everything from cooking to cleaning all alone. For the weekend movie sessions, he must not feel out of place. He should feel like watching the movie in a theater that has all comforts. So, a popcorn maker would help him make popcorns beforehand and he can just sit with the buckets for non-stop entertainment. He couldn’t stop thanking you enough for such a thoughtful gift.

DSLR Camera: Of course if money is no issue at all to you, a DSLR camera would be the best birthday gift for husband. Camera is one of the best things ever invented by human brain. Capturing moments is an art and those who have the ability to see normal things differently have the potential to become good photographer. Go forward with this astonishing gift for him on his special day.