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Vita Spa Hot Tubs. Hot Tubs Worth Buying

We have recently acquired a hot tub by a company called Vita Spa. They are an American company who have been on the go since 1974, so we thought that in itself was good news and they sounded like a company who you could trust and I’m relieved to say that this seems to be true. We are completely satisfied with the hot tub we purchased and hope to get lots of use out of it.

Hot Tubs Worth Buying

 We did lots of research on the internet before committing ourselves to buying one, as with any major purchase you need to be certain that you are getting the right model. We liked the sound of the low running costs and the environmentally friendly way of manufacturing things like the insulation. We saved up for quite a while before buying, and as we don’t have endless amounts of money then we wanted to be certain that we could easily afford to use it. The H.E.E.T or High Efficiency Energy Transfer pump seemed like a really good idea to us, as in effect you are getting some of your heat free.

We were also impressed by the insulation or the Vital Energy Insulation System as they call it which uses recycled fabrics such as jeans to produce an efficient product which is also used in the construction industry.

If you look online then you can read various reviews of their products from previous satisfied customers, which was exactly the information we needed to make our choice. In the end we chose the 4 seater Joli model as although there will only be two people using it, we wanted the extra space and seating in case we have friends over to stay. We chose the teak cabinet as we thought it would blend in with the outdoors and don’t regret making our purchase at all.