Valentine’s Fever: Omega’s Couple Watches For The Gen Y

After a dreary December and a jaded January, it is time for the season of love to unfurl. Every year around this time, lovers from all corners get creative with gifting ideas. After all, who doesn’t like to be surprised once in a while?
With expectations flying high in the air, people find new and innovative ways to please their better half. If you believe in Valentine’s day or you’re one who needs no occasion to express love, we have something for you that will allow you to be cheesy with a touch a class! If you think that’s not possible… Wait and watch!No, this pun was not deliberate, but might as well play on it.

You’ve surely seen jewelry, stones and berserk amounts of accessories in stores and exhibitions. But an accessory that has had unanimous support from all corners of the world is a watch. They are timeless! No, this pun was not deliberate either. A watch is a piece of eternal beauty, but we don’t need John Keats to tell us that! It gives you a sense of pride and joy that can last generations. Simply put, a watch is an accessory that never goes out of vogue and this season, Omega watches is setting the trend, captivating senses of every lover through their couple watches! After all, if people can match outfits and shoes, who says they cannot match a pair of watches? You can check out Omega watches at Ethos Watch Boutiques to feast your eyes on some of the best available!

What’s more to these eternal pieces of sheer artistry? There are two of every variant especially crafted to suit the gender wearing them. These custom-made watches come in a wide range of style and sensibilities for every couple to choose from. Isn’t that a delightful idea to help you sway together in this season of love?

Here are some handpicked watches for you to pick when you decide to shower your loved one with affection – Valentine’s Day or no Valentine’s Day!

1. Omega Constellation, Model: and (PAIR 1: for images)

If you are going for a chiseled lookand are fond of studs and silver, this is the pair for you. Studded with beautiful yet complimentary stones, this pair is not only regal looking but also has a contemporary facet to its character.
For ambitious driven power couples, nothing says power more than these rich babies!

2. Omega Constellation, Model: and (Pair 2: for images)

Apart from the dazzling appeal these watches reflect, this unique pair comes in different shades allowing every couple to choose what suits them best. Those who are fond of lighter shades with a tinge of subtle hues in the combination, this pairis your best bet.

3. Omega Constellation: Model: and (PAIR 3: for images)

If you believe in simplicity, this shining piece of pure craftsmanship will take your breath away. You can combine this simple yet alluring piece of timelessness with a chic attire and it will only add to its sheen!

4. Omega De Ville Prestige: Model: 424. and 424. (PAIR 4: for images)

424. 424.

This pair is smart and bold, yet humble. Exquisite in their detailing, they’re proficient in adding sharpness to any attire. A couple of dapper individuals deserve a debonair pair of watches, and these are just that. Don’t take yourself too seriously; let these watches do that for you!

Some things speak more than just words; they let you indulge in emotions. When it comes to watches, it is an experience worth sharing. What is better than sharing it with the one you love? Omega watches are giving you the perfect gift to display your affection.Wear it together, wear it apart, whatever you do, watch out because not everyone makes watches like these anymore!