Useful Gifts for New Homeowners

It is the custom in most places that gifts are bought for friends or family when they move into a new home. The majority of the time the gifts that are given tend to be novelty items that don’t have any practical use whatsoever. They’re given to the new homeowners, who in turn give their thanks, and then pack them away never to be seen or used again. It makes far more sense to give new homeowners gifts that actually have some practical use as they will be appreciated a lot more than novelty ones.

Read on to find out some ideas for useful gifts for new homeowners. They may not be the most interesting gifts you can give but they will definitely be welcomed and used by the new homeowners that they are given to.

Gifts for New Homeowners

A Doormat Every new home needs a doormat, and there are plenty to choose from. A great idea is to purchase a customized doormat with the names or initials of the new homeowners on. However, a simple doormat with “welcome” printed on will also suffice. Tableware Tableware will always be appreciated by new homeowners. Just ensure that you get enough tableware for the number of people living in the home. There’s nothing worse than being short of a plate or mug. It’s also a good idea to make sure that it all matches as well.

A Selection of Tea and Coffee Usually when people move into a new home there’s a lot of work that needs to be done. Rooms need redecorating, things need unpacking and furniture needs moving. Because of this buying new homeowners a selection of tea and coffee is a fantastic idea as it provides them with something to drink when they are taking a break from all of this work. Houseplants Houseplants are an incredibly useful gift as they really help create a homely feel in a new home. They’re fairly inexpensive as well, and you can choose from many different kinds. Try to do some subtle research beforehand to find out what types of houseplants the new homeowners are fond of.

New Keys Probably the biggest moment for homeowners is when they are handed the set of keys to their new home. However, who knows how many previous owners still have the same set of keys.

Because of this a really useful gift is to pay for the new homeowners to get their locks changed and to be provided with a new set of keys. There isn’t much better than the gift of safety. Tool Kitao basic tool kit is a wonderful gift idea. This is because there will be lots of things that need doing in a new home that require basic tools like a hammer, spanner or screwdriver. Tool kits also tend to last for an incredibly long time, so the recipients will still find it useful for many years to come. Garden Tools When people move to a new home it is very common for them to find that the garden has been neglected. Due to this they will likely want to get to work on the garden to make it look good again. A set of garden tools will allow them to do this, making it a splendid gift idea. A House Sign Maybe the house sign of the new home is a little old and decrepit, or maybe the new homeowners want to rename their new home.

Either way, buying them a new house sign is a wonderful idea that will be highly valued. A Set of Spices Most homes have a number of different spices stored in their cupboards and drawers, which have been collected over a number of years. But new homeowners aren’t likely to have any spices at all. Therefore, a useful gift idea is to kick start their spice collection by buying them a selection of different spices and maybe even providing a spice rack to go with them. This is a guest post written by Marianne Ross, a freelance writer on creative topics. Currently she is working for a company which makes custom wooden signs and sharing her ideas on various blogs.