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Top Three Terrible Endings of Good Movies

The ending of a movie is very important. Let’s face it, wasting two hours is not something we look forward to. Some movies end without us realizing that they are over. As much as we love a good plot, we also like an ending that has some sort of meaning. Nevertheless, there are certain movie producers who don’t understand that a bad ending can ruin the whole experience for the audience. Let’s take a look at three lame final cuts.

RETURN OF THE JEDI When we say „Return of the Jedi” we are actually referring to the re-released version of the movie, in which George Lucas edited so much that it became a laughable mess. It’s not that we don’t love Star-Wars because we really do, but the ending to this „episode” is hilarious. The original ending in which the spirits of Yoda, Obi-Wan, and adult Anakin appear at the end were apparently not good enough for the producer. This is why he decided to show a younger version of Anakin, but he forgot that Yoda and Obi-Wan are still aged.

Terrible Endings of Good Movies

PHILADELPHIA STORY We know what you might think. What could possibly go wrong when you put Jimmy Stewart, Katharine Hepburn, and Cary Grant in the same movie? Truth be told most of the movie was actually enjoyable. For a sweet romance, it is actually half decent.

However, everything came crashing down, in the end, trust us you will be left speechless! We actually advise you to download the movie and see it for yourself because it is just too shocking to tell. For great internet speed and all the latest movies, on demand and in HD quality, check out these Time Warner Cable Offers.

SIGNS This is probably one of the most disappointing movies ever. Why? Because of the fail ending. After building up a lot of tension the producers probably became very bored. The way things unravel, you might actually think that the end is near, but as it turns out all you need to get rid of these super-intelligent, dangerous and advanced creatures, is water.

Water! A cup of water fell onto the alien and killed it. Seriously, Shyamalan, we thought you were more creative than that. In conclusion, we would like to add that there are a lot of movies with very bad endings, a lot of good movies actually. Movies which you’d expect to move the audience one way or another. Sadly, somethings just don’t add up, and this can change the perception of the viewer forever.