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Top Ten Private Hospitals in the UK

Despite having a very strong network of National Health Service hospitals all over the UK, sometimes patients go looking for a little something extra. If the health service you require isn’t available on the NHS or you’re just looking for a slightly higher than average level of service, private healthcare is probably the answer for you. While the NHS is something the UK is very proud of, there is also a strong market for private healthcare in the country. The effect of this competitive environment is that the country is home to some of the world’s finest hospitals. Here, we take a quick look at ten of the best private hospitals in the UK.

Private Hospitals in the UK

  1. London Bridge Hospital private hospital located on the bank of the River Thames, the London Bridge Hospital is a large establishment with a wide variety of specialties. The hospital has a huge number of comfortable and air conditioned rooms and is generally considered to be one of the capital’s finest.
  2. Circle Partnership the Circle Partnership is actually an organization that spans a number of the UK’s private hospitals. Owned by the doctors that run it, the Circle Partnership offers customers a truly unique level of health care in areas such as Bath, Nottingham, and Reading.
  3. The Frenchie Brain Rehabilitation Unit Based in Bristol, the services offered at this unit are very specific but amongst the best in the country. The Frenchie Unit benefits from some spectacular grounds and state of the art facilities, including a gym, pool and therapy suite.
  4. The Royal Brampton Hospital, Private Patient Unipart of one of London’s best NHS hospitals, the private patient unit at Royal Brampton focuses its health care on heart and lung conditions. This facility is an example of how well the public and private sectors can work together.
  5. The London Ophthalmology Centre This is well known as the best place in London for eye-care. The center is stationed at Queen Anne Medical Centre and houses some of the finest eye specialists in the UK.
  6. BMI Albyn Hospital, Aberdeen This relatively small Scottish hospital is recognized for superior quality of service. The hospital’s strongest points are its cancer treatment services and sports injury unit.
  7. Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth This is one of the country’s largest independent hospitals. With services ranging all across the board, this hospital is recognized and highly regarded for its cancer unit. The dialysis unit is another of the hospital’s best.
  8. Nuffield Health Exeter Hospital This facility houses just shy of fifty hospital beds and specializes in cancer treatment and diagnostic services. The hospital is also home to a gymnasium which lends itself well to the hospital’s physiotherapy and rehabilitation schemes.
  9. Spire Fylde Coast Hospital Located in Blackpoll, the Spire Fylde Coast Hospital is medium sized and known for being one of the cleanest in the UK, thanks largely to its unique clean air systems. Physiotherapy and sports injuries are among the hospital’s specialties.
  10. The Vale Hospital, HensolSituated just outside of Cardiff, the Vale hospital is one focused on surgery. Patients come for anything from orthopedic surgery to cosmetic surgery. About author Matthew Morris. I am a PR consultant for Circle Partnership Hinchinbrook hospital. We provide medical private cover across a number of different hospitals throughout the United Kingdom.