Top 5 Citizen Watch Models


  1. The Citizen Men’s Caliber 8651 watch Citizen Men’s Caliber 8651 Watchman dealers in watches are of the opinion that this is one of those watches that is sold most across the whole world. Whether you are interested in the high class and extremely classy style or you are into simple but efficient watches, this is your watch of choice. The watch is in sync with the moon movement all the while and has two subdials. One subdial is for the month and the other is for the particular day of the week. Marked with Roman numeral figures, the watch is extremely elegant but equally simple and appealing to the eye. This is one of the Citizen Watches (in Danish Citizen urea) that is known to offer perfect watch functions for many men.
  2. The Citizen JV0010-08EThe Citizen JV0010-08EFor many people, Citizen Watches are the definition of quality and efficiency of a watch. These watches have for a very long time been the leaders in the market and many people have opted to have a few of them to improve their style and fashion. The Citizen JV0010-08E watch is one of those watches that are powered by energy from the sun and function with extreme efficiency. The watch is packed with both analog and digital display. Slightly bigger than other watches (the Danish term is urea), this watch is made of stainless steel and is scratch and water resistant.
  3. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive 180 WR100 Chronograph Watch AT0270-00ECitizen Men’s Eco-Drive 180 WR100 Chronograph Watch AT0270-00EMen who are looking for the right Citizen watches for official or business purposes should look no further than this timepiece. Designed with formal people in mind, this watch is presented with a case that is made of silvery stainless steel. It is appropriate for everyday wearing but also goes well for men who are into sports like swimming or other forms of sports. The black dial has a very attractive luminous stick and is surrounded by Arabic numeral markers. There is also a small window for the date and the watch is made very perfect by its strap that is made of black rubber.
  4. The Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s Caliber 2100 Watch #AV0021-52HThe Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s Caliber 2100 Watch #AV0021-52HMany men today are tending towards getting this watch because it is one of the Citizen Watches with the greatest level of demand. The watch has a titanium case which offers for wonderful fashion and style appreciation. This watch is suited for various instances but mostly just for day-to-day wearing. The watch has a reset button that can allow the person wearing it to make the chronograph counter go right back to zero. The case has the bezel that is thin and an exterior that is gray in color. There is also a screw-back case and the watch has an impressive water-resistance of 200-meters.
  5. The Citizen Skyhawk A-Tithe Citizen Skyhawk A-Tin case you are a tech enthusiast and you love owning gadgets, this timepiece is the perfect among the Citizen watches. People who travel a lot will particularly find this watch quite handy. The watch is fitted with technology that allows for it to pick up radio signals in Europe, Japan, and the United States.

Citizen Watch Models

With a black dial that is safeguarded with a crystal, the watch offers for good viewing and is appealing to the eye as well. It comes highly rated because of its user-friendly makeup. It is easy for you to use it and find your way around its functions even if you are wearing it for the first time.