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Simply put, a tattoo is a design or a mark made on your skin using color pigments, which the artist inserts through pricking into the top layer of your skin. Tattoos are usually permanent. The procedure is done without any anesthetics and may cause some bleeding and a significant amount of pain. Well, if you are truly ready for your first tattoo, here are some tips for you: Do not rush – Just like diamonds, tattoos are forever.

This means that you will be stuck with the tattoo you choose for the rest of your life. Therefore, there is no need to rush your decision as to what design you want. When you are young, it is easy to choose some designs, but think about how you will feel about them when you are a little older. For instance, tattoos last way past many relationships so you should think twice before having someone’s name as your tattoo. Do not go big – If it is going to be your very first tattoo, it would not be such a great idea to cover a large part of your body.

First Tattoo

 As mentioned before, you may end up making a rush design choice you will come to regret later. By going with a small design, you can hide it later on with another tattoo if you the design do not represent your values anymore. Consider a temporary tattoo – If you have not yet attained the legal age for getting a tattoo in your state or are not sure whether you want a tattoo or not, consider having a temporary one. These temporary tattoos usually made of henna will help you learn how you will feel about your design when you get a permanent one.

Be aware of the consequences – Before you get your first tattoo, it is vital to understand what will happen after the procedure. Your friends and family might view you differently after that. You will also be turned away from certain job interviews. In some states, you will not be able to donate blood for at least a year. Talk to your friends – This will definitely help if it is your first time. Ask some of your friends who have tattoos how it was like for them when they got their first tattoo. They may have valuable advice on the designs to get, the best place to have your tattoo, and dealing with your pain.

Consider your faith – If you are a religious person, getting a tattoo may affect your faith. Some religions believe that tattoos are from pagan origins and should not be a part of a Christian life. Other religions believe that tattoos go against the call from God to honor your body. For instance, Jews do not permit tattoos, and if you convert to their region, they cannot bury you in a Jewish cemetery when you die, if you have a tattoo.

Proper tattoo aftercare – Getting a tattoo involves plenty of needles. There is going to be some bleeding and bruising. You should speak to the tattoo artist regarding proper aftercare. In general, you should bandage the tattoo area overnight and wash it gently the following day. Avoid scratching or rubbing your new tattoo. When you have healed, use sunscreen as often as possible since the ultraviolet rays from the sun will cause your tattoo to fade quickly.

This can be another factor to consider when choosing the location of your tattoo. Use a clean facility – Tattoos are almost like a medical procedure. It is important to maintain the highest level of cleanliness to avoid infection and speed up recovery.

This means using a clean facility, with a clean artist, with clean equipment. Some states have tattoo regulatory standards to ensure the facilities are safe for consumers. Wear comfortable clothes – On the day of getting your tattoo, you should wear comfortable clothing that will not bother you during the procedure. You will need to stay still for a couple of hours. So, you have attained the legal age and you cannot wait to get your first tattoo? Yes, you could be a proud owner of a new tattoo within an hour or two that can greatly enhance your beauty. However, do not let the ease of obtaining this beautiful art prevent you from making a sensible decision regarding tattoos.

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