The World’s Biggest Gambling Nations

We all know gambling is popular all around the world especially with online gambling becoming more and more prominent. But have you ever wondered which are the nations that topple the gambling charts and which games they prefer to play? In this article we are ready to provide you with the most recent list of the world’s largest gambling nations. And we can guarantee that some of the winners will take you by surprise.

Nr.10:  Britain: Britain is one of the few countries where sports betting are more prominent than anywhere else, the most common gambling activities however are done online in this country as well.

Nr. 9: Italy: one of the few countries where slot machines are not regulated it is no wonder that these machines are the most favoured ways of losing (or winning) money.

Nr 8: Norway another country up North where winters are long and dark people or Norway do love to play online with lottery being the second most popular gambling activity.

World’s Biggest Gambling Nations

Nr.7: Canada: it might be surprising for many to learn how much Canadians love to gamble and they do love all sorts of games. It’s one of the very few countries where people equally love slot machines, casinos and lotteries. Surprisingly though online gaming is not big in there, which leads up to the fact that gaming is rather a social activity in here.

Nr.6 New Zealand: this is another country where as it looks like gaming is one popular social activity. Kiwis apparently do love slot machines, casino and they are also prominent in sports betting while online gaming is not as popular as in other countries.

Nr. 5: United States:  having the city that has the largest transit tourism in the world and which is primarily focusing on casinos, it is no wonder US has such a prominent position. Americans do love their casinos above all other activities. While lottery and slot machines are less popular then elsewhere

Nr 4: Finland: here we go, up to Scandinavia again to the rather cold Finland where online gambling and slot machines are equally popular to use.

Nr.3: Ireland: another country with rather tough weather conditions, Ireland is considered the largest sports better in the whole world! And it is no wonder as Irish do love their sports, particularly football. Online gambling is the most prominent activity out of all sorts in the country.

Nr. 2: Singapore: it may take you as surprise but Chinese are considered some of the biggest gamblers in the whole world. As more than 80% of Singaporeans are of Chinese descent it’s no wonder that this little nation has such an elite placing when it comes to gambling. According to statistics the most favoured types of gambling is visiting casinos which is followed by lottery. Yet slot machines are also popular and sports betting is the 4th most popular activity.

Nr. 1: Australia: this may sound very surprising for many, but Aussies are the most avid gamblers in the world. As the list shows, the most prominent forms of gambling here include: slot machines, casinos, online gaming and sports betting while lotteries are much less popular than elsewhere.

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