The RC Helicopter for Intermediate Users

After spending some time with their first helicopter, novices will quickly gain mechanical knowledge and flight skills. There will come a point where they’ll want to fly an even more challenging model and perhaps try their hand at a bit of assembly. The logical step forward is to upgrade to a better kit, like the Align T-Rex 450 Pro. The DFC Super Combo version includes a redesigned 3GX Programmable Flybarless System that adds so much value to the kit and makes it truly compelling. It’s a durable, high performance 400-size airframe that far outmatches all the glow helicopters in its class.

RC Helicopter for Intermediate Users

Radio control helicopters have always been known for setting high standards in quality while maintaining reasonable prices. The T-Rex 450 Pro continues this tradition of excellence. It builds on the popular of its older sibling, the T-Rex 450, and adds greater control capabilities. It also has a streamlined design that borrows principles, which have worked tremendously well in larger models of the series. Those who have aspirations of flying these bigger helicopters but are not quite ready to handle their demands can practice first on this model.

 It should provide endless hours of fun and enable users to do advanced maneuvers. The flyballs head assembly on Align radio control helicopters is designed to reduce wind resistance, thus enabling the unit to fly at higher speeds. It also allows better precision so the control can be handled with more confidence. The transmitter is much easier to maintain thanks to the new removable servo mounting and main shaft blocks. The battery position can be adjusted along the platform to find the best CG spot.

 The lightweight yet rigid frame side plates have a dedicated 3GX mounting spot to simplify wire management. The blades spin under the power of an efficient MX series brushless motor. The T-Rex 450 is not the smallest machine but it should fit nicely inside any car or trunk. It measures 640 mm from nose to tail and 204 mm from ground to top. The main rotor has a diameter of 710 mm and the tail rotor has a diameter of 158 mm.

The drive gears for the motor, main, autorotation tail, and tail are 12T, 121T, 106T, and 25T, respectively. The drive gear ratio is therefore 1:10.08:4.24. The helicopter weighs 513 grams without the power system installed and 638 grams with the batteries, plus everything else required to fly.

The T-REX 450Pro DFC Super Combo package contains the helicopter kit set, a 3GX flyballs system, a 325D 3G Carbon blade, an RCE BL35P 35A Brushless ESC, a 450MX Brushless motor rated at 3400KV, a DS520 digital servo, and 3 DS415M Metal Gear digital servo.

 Note that this is not an RTF model. Owners must supply a few materials in order to complete the kit. These include the receiver, which should be capable of processing 6 channels or more; a matching transmitter with the same specifications suited for helicopter systems; a pitch gauge X1; and a rechargeable 11.1V 3S Lithium Polymer battery with a capacity between 2000 and 2300mAh.