The Jewelry To Make Your Body Look More Beautiful

Since the ancient periods, wearing jewels is a part of fashion and nothing gets awkward in wearing jewelry for your whole body. In king’s era many kings and queens covered their whole body with precious ornaments and stones. They even used nipple jewelry to make their breasts look elegant.

In present days, ornaments are becoming style statement and it emerges in market with highs and lows. Without history we are nothing, in early days people practiced nipple piercing for both men and women. The jewelry was worn only by piercing in those days but today there are many ways to wear jewelry without pain and piercing.

Jewelry To Make Your Body Look More Beautiful

Materials for jewelry

Usually these kinds of jewelries are manufactured in many precious metals like

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Titanium

Apart from this diamond stones and other precious stones such as opal, ruby and many more stones. At present days most of the materials used is Stainless steel and people love wearing that because it does not cause and allergy or infection within users. The materials which are used for piercing is treated with chemicals to stay rust free when it comes to steel. Rather than steel, others are worn just like other jewelry.

Types of jewelry

The breast can be enlightened with this jewelry. People love discovering new styles and patterns in jewelry. For such reason, there are lots of varieties which are discussed below

Dangle nipple rings

The dangle nipple rings are different than normal bar rings. They are designed with some hanging designs to the nipple bars. This can be used as decorative ornament. Apart from single bar, this looks more good looking and attractive. People who love in lot of hangings in their nipple can purchase this jewelry without any issues.

Nipple shields

Nipple shields are worn to cover the areola part of nipple. The shield usually encircles the nipples or surrounds them and given a different look to nipples. This is worn to lift the areola by ornaments. This is also called as breast petal. The shield can be worn without piercing.

Stick on nipple designs

People who have fears in piercing nipple can either go for nipple shields or stickers which have glue to stick with your nipples. There are plenty of designs available in market to stick in your nipples. There are designs like flowers, shapes and many decorative styles. If you are interested in fake jewelry you can stick to this.

Chained jewelry

This is a perfect piece of art which can make your nipples look more beautiful. The jewelry can be chained to make it as a whole ornament connecting other parts of body. The chain usually connects with neck by covering the whole part of breasts. This jewelry is available in precious ornaments as well as in steel and other metals.


Piercing can be painful. But many people try nipple piercing as a style statement. The chances of wearing more ornaments in their breasts create a fantasy in this era. Usually piercing is done with many painless methods. You can pierce your nipple by visiting a parlor or clinic which is available for such nipple piercing. By piercing you can start wearing your jewelry without causing any further infection and injuries. It takes 3 to 5 days for the piercing pain to go and you can use many types of jewelry like dangle or chained without any difficulties.

Humans can always have a different sense of decorating their bodies. This is also considered as one of the way to decorate their body with many ornaments and look beautiful in a classy way. Jewelry highlights the features of female as well as male.