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The Great Ways that Help Make Your Loved One Long Living

If you’re one who feel that a cremation service organized by you after the final leaving of your loved one with the great service provider Trident Society; the process of spreading his/her cremation ashes in the water of Pacific coast, the lovely gardens and hilly ranges, the most adored spots of your beloved are just not sufficient to express and extend, the extent of how loving he/she was to you, then do something differently to articulate your expression. Remembering the lively being, his/her interest, hobbies, entertaining behavior or creative nature, you can reach a verity of activities performing which can make you feel the touch of your warmly loved, at all times.

Loved One Long Living

Plant a tree in his/her memory- Interesting Observation of Trident Society

Planting a tree is a superlative way to remember your loved one. The best place for this is your lawn or backyard where you have already buried her cremation ashes urn. Centering that space, sow a flower or fruit plant considering her/his most favorite ones and care for the plant every day in the way you cared for your loved one. A good idea is to construct a dais surrounding the area where you can sit, spend your time and take rest.

Prepare a blog in his/her memory anonymously   

With internet, this is a fantastic way to express your love, honor and homage to the departed soul. If you have creative ideas and have a friend expert in the area to guide you; once the blog is ready, as you find time, you can sit, write different memories, and share your feelings about your loved one through different writings. If that are touchy, you can definitely get great comments from likeminded individuals who will also share their thoughts with you. You can also communicate those writings with the family members, relations and friends of your dearly loved.

Name a glittering star in the night sky after the dearly loved

Looking at the dark sky find a well visible prominent Star and call it after his /her name. When you spend a sleepless night without having his/her close to you, come on the roof or sit in your open air balcony and look at the shining star lively like your loved one and open the pages of your memory album.

Donate books in local library

Get in touch with the local library or meet the principal of the school, college where you loved one underwent his/her studies. Ask them if they accept books as donations and if yes, then this can be a great way by which you can keep his/her living for years long.

Write letters to your loved one

Start writing letter everyday or as you miss him/her in her name, share your feeling being solo and store them in a file. Spend time with the album. This is a colossal source to recall the different activities, manners or occasions and ‘sweet’ moments that you had spent with your loved one.

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