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One major trend that’s hitting the market lately is that of 3D televisions. And of course, if you have a 3D television, it doesn’t do you much good unless you can find channels that have 3D support so you can watch actual 3D supported the television. Here are a few examples of what you’ll need to watch 3D with style. ESPN3DIf you like boxing and want to see it in excruciating detail, you can watch such events with DIRECTV 3D pay per view channels.

 The channel is pairing with Golden Boy Promotions to bring 3D channels to you sometime in the near future. But ESPN3D can cover many different sports from baseball to hook to anything else such as Daytona events.3D Eyewear You will still generally need glasses to watch 3D channels on your home television.

3D Entertainment

This is especially needed when it comes to 3D HD televisions. It’s important to note that the glasses you see in the movie theater that is offered for free to patrons are not the same kind at all as what you’ll need when you view TVs at home in 3D.  The costs of such glasses can vary from around 80 dollars for a model like the LG AS-S100 to $350 for a Mitsubishi variety.

The difference tends to be quality and features including battery life.3D Movie Channels Perhaps one of the best applications for 3D tech is to watch movies. While you can do this in the theaters, it’s now also becoming possible to watch these types of movies when you are at home using channels like Sky3d.

Movies can pop out at you a whole lot more when you are taking in a 3D experience. It’s an optical illusion, of course, the three-dimensional aspect of the light is only really in your optic nerve, the light is still playing on a flat screen, it’s simply the way the light is being filtered to you that makes it look like it’s popping out of the screen.

The Sky3D service also has other options like watching soccer on Sky Sports, to other shows visible within the Sky Entertainment Extra+ channels. The movie part of the service will let you watch the latest blockbusters, though, a that’s what draws a lot of people to the 3D experience after all.

 Everything will look a lot more impressive in 3D if the emphasis is on action scenes. Something more meditative that tends to be slower like golf may not make as much use of the 3D TV’s ability to jump out at you.3D Visit’s important to be discerning when it comes to which 3D TV’s you buy since it is often a lot of money.

The best approach tends to be to not buy larger than 32 inches since this will be too big for a 3D TV in your living room. The prices for even these TVs can go up into the thousands for the 3D tech. Overall, it’s important to consider everything you will need, and everything you might get out of a 3D focused entertainment solution before you spend all of that money.

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