Struggling to Buy the Best Mangalsutra For You? Here Are the Tips to Buy the Best One!

Like every would-be bride, you must be also done with all your wedding shopping, be it lehenga, jewellery, stilettos, dupatta etc. What about your mangalsutra? Have you already purchased one or still trying to choose from few of the best mangalsutra chain designs for you?

Let us help you. Here are few tips to help you choose from the latest mangalsutra chain designs:

Struggling to Buy the Best Mangalsutra For You

  1. Size matters– Since you are going to be a 21st-century bride, you have a lot of things to take care of. Yes, your future husband would feel happy looking at you wearing that traditional mangalsutra chain, but how about your workplace? A heavy mangalsutra doesn’t go well with formal wear. Therefore, it’s best to pick a small size over those long and heavy traditional designs. Choose a chain that sticks to your collar bone and is light in weight.


  1. Choose your metal wisely– There are a variety of options available when it comes to this traditional chain.  You can either go for gold, silver or any other metal. All looks good depending upon what your preference is. Gold mangalsutra is something preferred by most of the women. Check if you like that yellowish gold or that bright silver and then go for what you like.


  1. Those glittery diamonds that speak royalty – Agree with it girl, diamonds are your best friends. So, why not look for diamond magalsutra? If you have the budget to invest in diamonds then do buy it. Not only this traditional chain made of diamond would look good, but also make you feel good. If you prefer buying mangalsutra design in goldand love diamonds too, then you can buy a chain of gold with diamond mangalsutra pendant. This way your love for both gold and diamond will stay intact.


  1. See what’s in– Fashion changes every now and then, be it for clothes or jewellery. Keep an eye on what’s there in the latest fashion and buy something similar for you. You will find all these Bollywood celebrities flaunting new jewellery designs. Check out what type of mangalsutra is your favourite Bollywood celebrity is wearing and buy one.


  1. Check online stores – Yes, buying mangalsutra from your local jeweller can always be a good idea, but online shops also have good designs these days. You can check out a whole lot of designs on these online stores just with a click of a mouse. So, why not check those out and decide what is trending and what would suit you? The best part is that there’s always some discount going on these online stores. So, not only you would be able to score the best designs but save a lot of money too. Sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?

When it comes to buying a mangalsutra, never rush. Do your research, browse through the designs, check out gold mangalsutra with price and then only buy one that compliments your personality and at the same time it is within your budget too. Now, how to choose the best gold mangalsutra design is a subjective topic altogether. Go with your own style and choose the best.