Steps to Watch Movies Online Without Irritation of Annoying Ads

No matter how happy or sad people are, they always turn to movies when they want to escape the real world at least for a while. By diving into the stories and relatable characters, viewers tend to forget about their worries and focus only on the situations displayed on the screen.

The fact that the cinema tickets are often too expensive is not a serious setback, though. Thanks to the Internet, users have a chance to look for their favorite flicks and watch them online. However, if you are one of them you should be careful of the annoying ads that may pop up while you are watching the movie.

To help you out with that, we’ll present a few ways to watch movies online without the irritation of harmful ads.


Visit Safe Movie Sites

While it is very usual to encounter websites that offer movies and TV series without registration, it’s a real rarity to find such a site that doesn’t feature dangerous ads along the way. In fact, movie sites that are safe, guarantee you an uninterrupted watching experience and protect your device from malware and viruses.

For these reasons, you should look for websites that are lawful and legal, providing content that is legit and accurate. For example, one of them is 123movies. You can use 123movies to watch movies online for free without having to pay for anything. It has a user-friendly interface that makes all videos accessible. All you have to do is type the name into the search bar and press the enter button. And also you can watch movies on Xooflix, as a best place for watching movies online. The company providing videos by Google cloud platform that highly optimize their videos with faster loading speed and is free alternative to Netflix and a largest web catalog of free movies online.

Also, websites like these are free of any damaging pop-ups. Therefore, when you start watching the movie or show you don’t face any ads and other similar interruptions.

Customize Your Browser

No matter which browser you are using, there is always the option to customize it so that it blocks annoying ads whenever they appear on a certain movie site. That way you can watch freely assured that the videos won’t cause any damage to your device.

For instance, to do this on your Google Chrome browser you should click on the three lines at the top right corner of the screen. Go to settings and select advanced settings on the bottom. Then a list of various options will appear, so just select those that match your needs. Among them, you’ll encounter the one for blocking annoying ads and dangerous sites, as well.

In any case, Chrome users won’t have to do this for long since the browser will begin to block harmful ads by itself very soon. This new feature is expected to be introduced at the beginning of next year. Basically, it’ll filter out the commercials that have been marked as unacceptable and dangerous, allowing you to visit whichever movie sites you want without worrying about the ads that appear on them.

Use Blocking Software

There are some programs or apps that you can install and use to block these ads, too. They are either ad blockers or regular software for keeping viruses and malware out of your system. Just pick the ones you think are suitable for your situation and press ‘install’.

If your computer, tablet or phone has a program like this enabled then it’ll be protected from the pop-ups and the danger they bring. Not to mention that aside from letting you watch the movies or shows without interruptions, these blockers will keep your personal data safe from tracking services or cookies that may try to steal them. But in order to make this work, you should enable the ‘privacy’ option in the program’s settings.

Final Words

There are a lot of dangers looming around the corner when you’re going to watch movies online. This is because a lot of the free sites feature annoying ads that pop up all the time, irritating you and possibly ruining your device. To prevent that, you have a few steps at hand. Just try them out and see which one suits you. Good luck and happy watching!

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