Refrigerator Cleaning Technique – Necessary for Maintaining Hygienic Environment Inside the Fridge

Refrigerator is a crucial area to concentrate, while cleaning the kitchen. Both raw, cooked, perishable and non-perishable food items reside here, so it is essential to keep this area clean and hygienic. Neglecting cleanliness can increase food poisoning risk. Cleaning fridge is a complex task. It is not as straightforward as cleaning other kitchen areas. Certain cleaning products are a big NO for cleaning the fridge.

Below are some simple techniques and suitable products to be used while cleaning your energy efficient LG or Haier refrigerator. You can get a mom-worthy clean fridge in maximum half an hour.

Refrigerator Cleaning Technique

What kind of products to use for refrigerator cleaning?

Kitchen cleaners can contain chemicals, which kill common germs. These strong products need to be kept away from food items. You can rinse the refrigerator interiors with kitchen cleaners but the risk of lingering chemical residue inside is unworthy as it can cause contamination. Instead use normal dishwashing liquid and warm water to wipe interior and soak drawers.

Disinfectants like bleach must never be used to clean the fridge from inside. Disinfectants like kitchen cleaning products come in contact with food can make people sick due to their strong chemicals. It is wise to use natural cleaners or specially formulated products.

Natural cleaning products are safest and hygienic option to use for cleaning the refrigerator. Baking soda are good for removing stains as well as absorbing bad smell, while white vinegar is great for cleaning stainless steel elements. Remember to test on small area to check first for any adverse effects.

Refrigerator cleaning technique

Empty the refrigerator

Allot two areas and set items like Tupperware with outdated leftovers that needs to be cleaned and another area for items, which needs to be stored back inside. Discard items not in container straight in the trash can.

Clean the contents

Fridge can be less pristine as in a hurry the olive jar and milk carton are not squeaky clean. Take a damp rage and wipe bottom and drips on container sides. Lid areas may need little cleaning. Everything you will return inside the refrigerator needs to be clean without messing the interiors again. Wash the leftover containers after cleaning the fridge.

Clean within the fridge

Removable parts like drawers and shelves are removable. In a wash bowl add regular dishwashing soap and warm water. Allow the parts to soak, before you rinse and wipe. Cleaning inside the refrigerator becomes easy now. Wipe surface with commercial wipes or warm water & detergent solution. Make use of good quality sponge or microfiber because they don’t fall apart and leave tiny particles behind.

Stubborn stain can be tackled with thick paste of water and baking soda. Apply this thick paste on stains. Allow it to rest for an hour prior wiping it with damp sponge. Baking soda will loosen the stain, which can be wiped away easily. Allow the interiors to dry.

Return the contents

Dry the shelves and drawers, before inserting them back inside the refrigerator. Place the cleaned containers and items in their respective zones.

Step back to admire your sparkling fridge!