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Pole Dancing Classes – The 2018 Workout Trend!

In order to become fit and healthy, we do not only watch what we eat. We burn the calories and fats that we take in. This is very important so that you can maintain your recommended body weight and help guard yourself against certain diseases. It is a must to flush your body from the toxins by exercising and doing regular workouts.

There are plenty of workout programs that you can try, but one of the most popular these days is pole dancing. We usually see this on talent shown on TV but little did we know, this is one of the most popular workouts that you should not miss.

What Is Pole Dancing?

Pole dancing is one of the best whole body workouts. This is a combination of dancing and acrobatic movements which is centered and focused on a vertical pole. This earlier started as a sexy performance but after a couple decades, this became one of the best workouts for both men and women.

Pole dancing brings out the confidence in every person who gives it a try. This is one of the best benefits that you can get from this workout aside from training your whole body. So here are the different facts that you need to know about pole dancing.

Pole Dancing Classes

The Three Types Of Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is not all about swinging your body around a pole. It’s a choreographed movement and takes a lot of practice to master. But before you give it a try, here are the three types of pole dancing that you should know of.

  • Pole Fitness or Sport. This is the type of pole dancing if you want to focus on physical strength, improving your pole dancing technique and difficulty as well as to do some drills. The choreographies will focus on acrobatic movements and the dancing are usually limited.
  • Artistic Pole Dancing. The focus of this pole dancing type is on the movements as well as the music. Dancers here should be more creative. Planning a story and developing a character is very important here. This type focuses more on the dancing parts as well as the expression of the dancer without disregarding acrobatics as well.
  • Exotic or attractive Pole Dancing. This is the sensual type of pole dancing. The dancer will be in high heels and the clothes will be attractive and revealing. The choreographies will not be as strict as the other types and it focuses more on flexibility. But remember that this is NOT a strip show. This is a mature and sensual approach to pole dancing.

Pole Dancing Classes in the Philippines

Philippines pole dancing class – the best in the country. There are plenty of fitness classes that you can choose from, but pole dancing is slowly increasing in popularity. This is because this type of workout needs patience and determination. You have to practice in order to perfect and master a technique. There are different fitness centers who offer pole dancing classes in the country and the instructors are world class.