Pokemon Go Tutorial: List of Pokemon Legendaries For Generation 1 And Generation 2

What’s a Pokemon Go Tutorial without letting you know where to find the legendaries. These are some of the most powerful yet rarest creatures, so capturing them gives you plenty of bragging rights and the huge chance of winning battles in the gym. Of course, it helps you become one step closer to being a seasoned Pokemon trainer or master.

But before learning where to find them, know what you are looking for. The legendaries can belong either in Generation or Generation 2. These generations simply refer to the versions of the game. Nineties’ kids are more likely to be familiar with the Gen 1 legendary creatures.

Pokemon Go Tutorial

Generation 1

There are five Gen 1 legendaries, and they fall into two categories: psychic and flying. Mew and Mewtwo are the most powerful with a high stat of 220 and 280 for attack, respectively. Both of them are “relatives,” which means they share the same category—that is, Psychic—and fighting skill, which is an attack (although Mew can also perform excellent defense). The other legendaries are flying creatures. These are Zaptos (electric), Moltres (fire), and Articuno (ice). All except for Articuno, which is awesome in defense, can attack very well.

Generation 2

Under Generation 2, you will find more varied types of Pokemon, which makes the game even more exciting. Only two categories from the previous generation end up as the legendary ones here: psychic (Lugia) and flying (Ho-Oh). These creatures, though, tend to have other abilities, so they are more powerful, as proven by their high stats whether in defense or attack mode. The others are Raikou (electric), Suicune (water), and Entei (fire), which scores high in stamina.

Adding this information in the Pokemon Go tutorial is essential especially if you want to build a reliable strategy when battling in gyms.

Where Do You Find Them?

If you have not seen these creatures yet, do not despair. You are one of the thousands who has been waiting for them. Although Niantic, the makers, have already dumped the Gen 2 Pokemon in the game, they skipped the legendary Pokemon. It is unclear when they will make their official appearance.

However, there are speculations. One, they may be available only when there is a public event, although this is based on the trailer where a group of players fought with a Mewtwo. Many believe they will be connected to in-game events.

Would that lessen your chances of capturing the Pokemon? The answer is no, since the Pokemon is not exclusive to a single player, which means others can also capture it along with you. Your next concern may be your catching rate. If you have a lot of misses, you may lose all your balls and the chance to capture it. Fortunately, rumors have it you will use a different ball, a master ball, to catch these legendary Pokemons, and the success rate is 100 percent.

The team you choose may also determine the legendary Pokemon you will likely see. In Pokemon Go, there are three teams based on their color and virtue: Yellow (Instinct), Red (Valor), and Mystic (blue). Each of them has its mascot, which is interestingly a legendary Pokemon. For example, Yellow has Zapdos while mystic has Mortres.

Once Niantic releases these creatures, keep this Pokemon Go tutorial handy.

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