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Must Haves for a Factory Showroom

Whether you make ice cream, packaged dessert mixes or any other products that you sell to customers, you might consider converting a portion of your factory into a showroom. That space allows customers to come in and get an idea of what you do and the top reasons to buy from you. Companies like Hershey’s have factory tours that let visitors actually walk over the factory floor to see workers in action. Using the right must haves to build a showroom creates a similar space with less potential hazards.

Factory Showroom

Real Equipment

Your showroom should have a few pieces of real equipment that exactly match those used in your factory. Putting a fluidizer blender out on display gives customers a look at how you blend and break down different materials when making your products. A replica of the line that you use to put products together or do quality checks is another great addition. While some prefer using brand new equipment that is shiny and in good condition, others like using older equipment with dents and rough finishes. This lets you buy new equipment for use in your factory and still make use of your old equipment.

Product Samples and Examples

Your showroom should also include some samples or examples of what your factory makes. If you run a company that makes foods sold in local stores, you can set out a few samples for visitors to try. You might leave out a bucket of chocolate bars or other candies that they can take home with them. If you make products that people use at home or on the job, you can show off a few of the finished products in your showroom. Customers can see the quality of those products in person before they buy.


Unlike tours that usually have a walkway suspended high in the air, a showroom sits on one level and allows visitors to walk through the entire space at their leisure. It’s smart to add some seating, especially in larger spaces, to provide guests with a convenient place to sit down and rest. A long bench placed along a wall is one idea, but you might add a few chairs placed in front of a television that shows a video of your workers in action or a short history of your company. As long as you have the right things, you can make your showroom appealing to visitors.

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