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Modern Hair Transplants Have Advanced Significantly

The technique of hair transplantation isn’t new. It has been in the practices from the time from when it didn’t reveal good results. This technique was evolved in about 1960s and people started to appraise it because it was very amusing for them that they can get their natural hair back. However, most of the people were not happy with the results. In addition to it, the old techniques were not too good as the techniques are nowadays.

Different Techniques

When you get information about hair transplant then you will get to know that various techniques are available to perform the procedure. Hence, you need to go for the technique that will provide you the best results. Following is the overview of some of the most used techniques.

  • FUT

A strip is obtained from your donor area to get the required hair grafts. Then these hair grafts are implanted in your recipient area. Hence, this area is painful as you will get stitches to manage the area from where the strip will be obtained.

  • FUE

FUE is the latest method than FUT. This procedure is scarless and painless. One by one hair grafting is performed through this procedure instead of taking a strip.

  • Stem Cell FUE

This is the latest technique in which one by one grafts are extracted in a careful way that there will be no scar. It allows your donor area to recover soon.

How to Get Best Results with a Hair Transplant?

If you really want to get good results from your surgery then you need to get the services of an expert. You shouldn’t go for FUT as your donor area gets damage in this treatment procedure. We mostly recommend FUE hair transplant to our customers as this is the latest and advanced technique. When you get your surgery done by this technique then you don’t need to be worried about scars or any other mishap. Our surgeons are expert enough to perform the latest techniques. The results are natural as it is a natural process.

Is There Any Guarantee?

Most of the people ask about the guarantee of this procedure. Yes, of course, this procedure provides guaranteed results. All you need to be careful about the selection of the clinic and surgeons. Once you find the best surgeons for your treatment then you will get best and desirable results. When you get this treatment by our qualified surgeons then we will not leave you with dissatisfaction.

Is It Painful?

If you are concerned about pain then don’t worry as our experts are qualified enough that they know how to deal with such situations. They will frequently ask you about pain and in case if you will experience it then they will solve the matter carefully. Moreover, we will prescribe some medications before and after the treatment to make you safe from any kind of pain.

However, it is recommended to consult us before getting the treatment. We will examine your scalp, take your medical history, know the cause, know your expectations, and then recommend you a procedure that will be best for you. We will take your hair grafts from one area of your scalp and implant them in another area of the scalp. This is how the procedure is done and for sure you will get guaranteed results. All of our clients are happy and satisfied with our services.