Marketing that Stands Out from the Crowd

Okay, you’re smart, you’re ambitious – you’ve just launched your own business startup, and the product is great. The problem is, every other similar product that isn’t as great as yours is out there marketing itself as “the best.” How can you stand out from the crowd in an overcrowded marketplace? It’s essential to market your business in a way that’ unique and different. Don’t be afraid to be bold, and even leave customers saying “that’s crazy!” Remember, any press is good press, and that’s what you need right now.

Marketing that Stands Out from the Crowd

 Take a look at this shortlist of the best ways to marketing your business to stand out from the crowd. Marketing Strategy: Plain and Simple One of the greatest downfall of so many companies lie in the overcomplicated marketing messages they use to barrage their customers. Modern consumers have tuned out of the overly complex claims that many companies make. These are claims about their product being an amazing invention, with “futuristic technology” that you “can’t afford to miss, or you won’t be on the cutting edge.” This kind of jargon and hot-air is lost on people these days – they simply want the facts.

 As an example of the opposite, when Dollar Shave Club launched, it’s entire marketing campaign was a two-minute ad spot from the owner/CEO where he explains what you get each month, and how much you’ll save. The ad went viral, and Dollar Shave Club has since expanded to other products beyond razors.

Marketing Mediums: End the Monotony Think for yourself; what are they types of marketing mediums that you enjoy, and which do you ignore and despise? Email marketing is an uphill battle at best, with spam filters and bogus emails predominating the medium.

Banner advertising isn’t much better – most people ignore banner ads as static spam, glazing over it without reading. Worse yet, the flashier they banner ad, the more vehemently people will distrust it, and leave the page quickly. The converse of these two approaches is unique marketing mediums that will catch your target audience off-guard with just how original they are.

Things like targeted social media advertising can reach consumers based on their unique habits, with discrete ads in the sides of Facebook and google+. These messages are read frequently, as the market for social media marketing hasn’t been tapped out to the point where it’s completely ignored. Try targeting some key demographics in social, they’ll never see it coming.

Without even touching a computer, your customers can find your unique message staring them in the face: this classic, yet innovative marketing medium is direct mail. With direct mail, your marketing piece lands in the hands of consumers in a place they can’t afford to ignore: their mailbox.

 There’s no spam filter, and it’s too risky to ignore a piece of mail that could be a bill. What does this mean for you? Your direct mail postcard, self-mailer or brochure is almost guaranteed to reach the vast majority of your target audience.

Consider upping the ante on creativity, by gluing, or “tipping on” and additional print piece to your mailer or postcard. Tip-on products are fun and engaging ways to add onto your message. Plastic business cards, gifts cards, and other smaller print pieces are great for Tip-On.

Why Different? While nothing is 100%, you can almost always argue that being different than the crowd is best. As your customer run their fingers through the sandbox, you want to be the gold coin that they feel deep in the monotony. Your product is one thing, and your message is another –cast yourself as a unique solution, and that’s what you’ll be!