Kissing Is The Universal Romantic Way Of Showing Love

Love is a universal way of showing affection. The entire world is running behind love. Love is a variety of different feelings and emotions put together. It ranges from interpersonal affection like the love for mother to pleasure like the love for a meal etc. It is an emotion that depicts a strong attraction or personal attachment. It is also called as the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern towards the loved ones. Many people have a misconception that love is related to lust. Love can be towards anyone. It’s not that it should be only towards a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Love is the utmost affection that one can show on his or her loved one, be it pets, parents, friends or the fiancé. Love can be distinguished into four types which includes spiritual, familiarity, sexual and friendship. This diversity of uses and meanings of love in combination with the complexity of feelings and emotions makes it difficult to define and interpret compared to other emotional states. It acts as a major facilitator of interpersonal relationships and their mind states. It is the main factor which keeps human beings, birds and animals together against hassles and facilitates continuation of the species. Love is a positive statement with more emotionally intimate form of romantic relationship. It is also contrasted with friendship sometimes, although love is often applied to close friends.

Kissing Is The Universal Romantic

Interpersonal love

The love between two human beings is called the interpersonal love. It is more potent sentiment than a simple statement of liking a person. It is closely associated with interpersonal relationships. Interpersonal relationships can also include family, neighbor, official friends etc. Some people contrast between impersonal and interpersonal love. Impersonal love is the love that a person has on an object, principle or goals. Loving one’s job or pet, outreach volunteers who love to volunteer are not born of interpersonal love but impersonal love. Every religion has a common philosophy about love. Interpersonal love also includes a bit of lust in combination with more of love. Being intimate increases the love for one another. Cuddling, kissing and hugging improves the bond they have for each other and it indirectly helps to keep the pair healthy in many ways. It is always important to express the love for each other to stay in close contact. This will make the other partner, be it girl or boy to feel the love that his or her partner has for him or her.

Ways to show love

Expressing one’s inner feeling towards the other person is love. Many people do not do this and hence end up in breakups and divorce. One best way to show the person if it is a girl is to kiss her very often. Kissing a girl comes from within and hence there is truth in it. One may not be a good kisser, but knowing facts about kissing and watching videos about a good kiss will help in making anyone a good kisser. Videos in sites like can help men send an appropriate message to the girl about his love for her. There is also a book in the website that provide on giving the best kiss of a girl deserves which men can download and benefit from it.