How to Start a Beauty Supply Business?

Are you crafty? Do you enjoy making beauty products? If so, you should think about creating your own beauty supply business. Starting a small business can be both financially and personally rewarding. Follow this quick guide to get started.


Before you can begin selling, you will need to gather all the supplies you need and find space to store them. When buying all of the ingredients for your products, it is best to purchase in bulk so you can save money. You will also need measuring tools, mixing containers, plastic lotion bottles, and other packaging materials. Next, you will need to find room in your home to store your supplies and safely create your products. Make sure that your children or pets will not be able to get into your supplies or products as it could be dangerous for them and ruin your inventory.

Start a Beauty Supply Business


If you already have recipes made for your products, then you are one step ahead. If not, you may have to experiment with a few different recipes before you find the right combination for your store. You should also create more than one type of product with different scents, colors, or functions. Offering more than one product in your shop will help you determine which products your customers like the most and make more sales off of your existing customers.

Packaging Design

An often overlooked part of starting a beauty supply business is designing the packaging. Customers won’t be able to try the product before they buy it so great packaging can do a lot to draw in new customers. Good packing will also help you to define your brand further and improve brand recognition. Add descriptions on your labels that show off the benefits of your products. Don’t promise remedies or cures as this is strictly prohibited by the FDA.

Set Prices

After creating and packaging your products, you should determine how much to sell them for. Consider the costs of supplies, ingredients, packaging, and your time. Then, add in a profit margin for yourself to determine the full price. Be sure to check out your competition to determine whether or not your prices are competitive and reasonable.

Setting Up Your Business and Selling

Once you have your products and your prices ready to go, you can start selling. First, determine who your products appeal to most. Then, figure out where those people shop so you can decide where to sell your products. You can sell online or locally at farmer’s markets, small business, and trade shows. Now you are ready to sell.

From buying plastic lotion bottles to setting up your shop, there is a lot of work that goes into starting a beauty supply business. However, all the hard work is well worth it to run a small business and follow your dreams.