How to Raise Money for Your Local Cause

Local schools, churches, and similar organizations are often having fundraisers to earn extra income for the things they need. When you find yourself on one of these committees, you may be at a loss as to how to bring in money. Hosting a fun evening filled with entertainment for all ages is a great place to begin.

Pick a Theme

Think about the people you will be inviting. Chances are many of them will be families so you need something that appeal to all ages. You could show a movie and do a theater style event where you can sell popcorn and candy for additional income or you could plan a carnival complete with games, prizes, and festival style foods. Be creative, and ask others for their input.

Raise Money for Your Local Cause


Guests won’t come if you don’t advertise. Decide exactly how the money will be raised. Are you selling tickets to your event such as with a movie? Maybe you’ll do the carnival theme and charge a set price per game. Be sure to include this information on posters and flyers that can be distributed throughout the neighborhood. Selling tickets ahead of time assures attendance and gives you a better idea of how many to expect.

Rent All Necessary Equipment

Give yourself plenty of time to rent or buy any equipment you will need for your event. For example, if you are showing a movie, hire an equipment provider or rent pieces individually. A carnival will require things like a dunk tank, ring toss, or even cornhole boards that you can customize to your organization from online retailers like Custom Corntoss. Don’t forget to rent any tables and chairs that may be required as well.

Once you decide on the type of fundraising event you would like to have, invite others to help with the work. They can contribute food, work games, or simply give you a hand making all of the necessary arrangements.