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How to Make Your Bathroom Accessible

Not everyone thinks of bathrooms as dangerous, but these frequently wet rooms with a lot of hard edges and sharp corners can present some real hazards. This is especially the case when it comes to seniors and the disabled, who are especially at risk of falling and getting injured. If you or anyone who lives with you falls into one of these categories, then it’s important to make the space as safe as possible by getting everything from the right support rails to bathtubs for the disabled. Here are a few of major areas to address.

disabled bath tubs


Many businesses are required to comply with codes that specify bathroom size, and if you are setting up a bathroom in your home, it might be a good idea to check out these regulations to get a starting point for yourself. Essentially, the bathroom should be large enough to accommodate any wheelchairs or other equipment that you keep in there or that will regularly be moving in and out.


When setting up the actual arrangement of the bathroom, you should do it by keeping in mind the specific person or people that will be using it. Make sure they can reach everything essential, such as the sink and the soap, from a wheelchair if necessary. Make sure they can get to their toilet or disabled bathtub without impediment.


You’ll get a lot of moisture in your bathroom, especially from your sink and from shower. That means everything in the room will get wet and slippery, so it’s especially important that you install flooring that provides proper traction to reduce the risk of accidents.


Since the bathroom users will be needing to move around in this space, they should have an adequate amount of available rails to help support them. They should have rails to help them get up and down from the toilet, to maneuver around the space, and to use all other facilities. You might look at bathtubs for the disabled, but if you don’t get one of these, you should at least have a shower rail.


When looking for bathtubs for disabled, you should note that they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. There are even portable bathtubs available for your convenience. When you shop, you should take as many factors as possible into account, like how the user will get in, whether he prefers sitting, standing, or laying down, and how he can reach his soap, shampoo, and other essentials while in there.