How to Choose School Lockers

In theory, choosing the very best school lockers should be relatively simple.  However, there often turns out to be more variety in terms of specifications than buyers expect.

High-quality lockers represent an important asset and investment for schools, colleges and educational institutions in general. They need to perform a crucial functional role, but at the same time can also add a striking visual element to interior spaces. Making the right choice of Lockers for your own facility means taking into account the four most important considerations – durability, security, size and appearance.


Lockers Durability

First and foremost, you need to think about how hard-wearing your chosen lockers need to be. While metallic lockers represent the first and most obvious choice for some, others may choose plastic or laminate materials. The primary advantage of plastic lockers being that they will never warp or rust, which depending on the environment can translate to unique longevity. Think about where lockers are going to be used, the ambient conditions they will be exposed to and how they will be treated in general.

Lockers Security

The primary role of school lockers is, of course, to provide a safe, secure and convenient storage facility for students. If lockers are not sufficiently secure, they are largely redundant. That said, it isn’t always mandatory for school lockers to be spectacularly safe and secure with advanced locking systems.  Some are fine with simple padlocks, others with combination locks, standard keys and so on. And of course, the materials the lockers are made of will also play a role in determining their overall safety and security.


Lockers Size

These days, school lockers are available in just about every size, shape and specification imaginable. Which means that rather than simply choosing from a small variety of prefabricated options, you can pretty much find anything to suit your needs flawlessly. Think about what’s going to be stored in the lockers, how much space you have available and how easy it will be to reach their internal spaces/shelves. Taller lockers are great when there is minimal floor space available, but they of course need to be practical and designed/installed in a manner where they are unlikely to fall over.

Lockers Appearance

Last but not least, when it comes to the way your school lockers look, even the sky isn’t the limit. If appropriate for your establishment and tastes, classic school lockers in metallic colours with very basic designs are of course readily available. However, if you would prefer something bolder, brighter and infinitely more colourful, there’s a near-endless range of customisable options to choose from. In the right setting, colourful and attractive lockers really can make all the difference in the world to interior spaces. What’s more, many of the colours and specifications available these days make it much easier to keep your lockers clean and pristine at all times.


So before setting out to choose the ideal lockers for your school, give thought to these four essential considerations.  Or if in doubt, speak to the experts for a tip or two on how to select the perfect lockers for your building.