How Spying Apps Help to Monitor Messages on Someone Else’s Phone

More than 18 billion text messages are exchanged by the people across the world on a daily basis. Out of which 60 billion messages are transmitted via Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger. Not everyone would be concerned about what is being communicated through these messages but the messages exchanged by our significant ones can be of a great concern. You might need to be aware of what your kids, spouse or employees are communicating and with whom. Your teen girl might be receiving messages from a child predator or your tween might be getting offensive texts. You customer care representatives might be failing to properly response to customers’ messages. There is not any other opinion that you need to monitor the mobile phone conversations of your family and business personnel but would they allow you to do so? Definitely not!

Spying Apps

To the delight of all the concerned parents, suspicious spouse and skeptical employers, yes you can monitor the message conversations of your children, partner and employees with them knowing. The messages exchanged through the social media and instant messaging apps would also not be out of your sight. You do not need their phones to read their messages because all the conversations would automatically get uploaded to your device. All this is possible with a simple mobile phone spy application.

There are scores of Cell phone monitoring app that allow users to track the messages of their concerning ones without them knowing and one of those is TheOneSpy. The app is compatible with Android and iOS running mobile phones and tablets. You are required to install the app on the mobile phone of your target. The app icon can be hidden during the installation process which means your target would not get any clue of being monitored.

Once installed, the app automatically uploads the data stored on the target phone to an online account. You can access that account on your computer providing the confidential username and password. The messages received and sent from the target device get uploaded to this account and can be seen whenever required. It means if your target deletes the messages after reading them, these will still be available on your account.

The app allows you to read all the incoming and outgoing short messages including text, emoticons and stickers. The voice messages sent and received via Instant Messaging services like WhatsApp can be listened and downloaded. The messages consisting on photos and videos can also be seen. The messages transmitted and received via Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Line, Viber, IMO, Kik, Hike, Tinder, Hangouts, Telegram and Yahoo Messenger can also be tracked. The phone number of the sender and receiver of messages, and the date and time of the transmission of those messages will be visible to you.

This is not all. This app allows you to monitor the self-destructive messages of Snapchat. The messages sent via Snapchat get automatically deleted seconds after the recipient view them. However, these messages can be saved with the help of screenshots. As your target starts using Snapchat, the spy app captures the screen of the phone and continues taking screenshots with an interval of seconds. It means you cannot miss out even a single Snapchat message.

As well as monitoring social media messages, parents can keep tabs on all other activities performed by their children on social networking platforms. The photos, videos, and audios posted and shared on social media profiles can be seen along with the likes and comments received on those posts and sharing. Parents can detect who is in the friend list of their children; who is following them and who are being followed by them.

In addition to messages, the android monitoring software provides parents, spouses, and employers with the phone call details of the target. All the phone calls received on and made from the target phone can be recorded and downloaded in different formats. You can also see the name and contact number of the caller and the answerer as well as the call time and duration. The audio calls made and received via Instant messaging services like WhatsApp, Line, and Viber can also be tracked. The VOIP log provides the detail of IM calls showing the name and phone number of the callers and recipients along with the call time and calls duration. The contacts stored in the phonebook of the target device can be viewed and edited.

That is not all. The spy app oils the wheels of monitoring family and business personnel with a wider range of features and functionalities. The GPS location tracking feature lets you identify the whereabouts of your target and the locations the target has traveled to in earlier times. The web browsing history, emails, keystrokes, and almost everything stored on the target device can be tracked. Isn’t it exciting?