Got Cats? How to Save Money While Buying Their Supplies

Your cat is a constant companion with a purr to match every mood. In fact, many people have multiple cats in one household. Caring for any type of pet can be expensive over time, however. Stay within budget while caring for your favorite feline by following a few frugal tips. Your cat will thank you if it could.

Scoop the Litter

There are very few cats that appreciate a collar and leash. Taking them outdoors in this manner for a bathroom break just isn’t feasible. Purchasing litter on a regular basis is a reality of cat ownership. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on fancy litter, however.

You need to balance cost and quality. Look for litter sold in bulk, such as by the pound. Many stores have bins where you scoop litter into a personal container. Pay for the litter in weight to save money. This litter is typically good quality too. You shouldn’t have to replace it too often as a result. Odors become neutralized by the litter mixture.

Save Money While Buying Their Supplies

Try Online Supplies

The online world isn’t just for shopping around for clothes and electronics. Many websites are dedicated to pet supplies too. Look for discounted treats and flea treatments online. Shop for cat vaccines online too. There are thousands of products that are overstocked at some companies, which means that the savings are passed on to you.

Simply pick a trusted seller for your cat supplies. If you’re loyal, many businesses have continual sales that will only improve your cat budget. Paying retail prices for treats and other lightweight items doesn’t make sense when the online world is right at your fingertips.

Limit Outdoor Escapades

You’ll save money on cat supplies when you aren’t paying for items that can be avoided. Excessive amounts of cat shampoo are necessary when you have a pet that ventures outdoors every day. The cat gets dirty, and you’ll have to bathe it on a regular basis. You practically eliminate the need for bathing supplies by limiting your cat’s outdoor escapades.

Ideally, your cat should be an indoor pet. Add a cat perch to the window or invest in a cat castle. These one-time purchases comfort your cat so that it’s more inclined to stay indoors. Maintain strong screens on your doors and windows too. By protecting your cat from the unknown elements found outdoors, you’ll save on additional supplies.

Consider Grain-Free Products

Feeding your cat is one of the most expensive parts of ownership. You have a variety of different options as you walk into any pet store. Think about adhering to a grain-free diet. Your cat prefers proteins, but many foods have fillers that are based on available grains. The nutritional value remains low as the cat gains weight from the grains’ sugars.

Grain-free products cost more than discounted foods, but they fill up the cat with quality ingredients. It won’t eat as much food volume when compared to grain-filled products. The result is a satisfied cat while you save money. Your vet bill will probably drop in costs too. Healthy cats don’t have to see the vet as often as other pets.

Become a Grooming Pro

Cats are known for their dense fur and sharp claws. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars on grooming costs alone. There’s no reason why your cat has to visit a grooming salon. Become a grooming professional by reading up on fur and claw care. By caring for the cat on your own, these grooming costs plummet to zero dollars.

Remember to take your cat to the veterinarian when necessary. Although vet costs aren’t cheap, a professional evaluation of your cat will ward off serious ailments. With cats living as long as 20 years, this furry companion deserves some tender-loving care as it grows older with you.

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