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ENGLISH LIVE SONGS Free Album Downloads

ENGLISH LIVE SONGS Free Album Downloads

“Love me tender, love me true” these words by Elvis Presley can melt a million hearts and skip a thousand beats. This romantic song and many other English love songs mp3 are widely available online on various sites for free download. The lyrics, videos and video clips are downloadable for free as well.

There are thousands of English love songs some being old classicals and others being the new ones. Most of them are soft romantic numbers usually based on genres like ballads though songs today are getting into the hip hop genre as well.

Songs like love me tender, nothings gonna change my love, just died in your arms tonight, I just called to say I love you etc are timeless gems and can be listened to a thousand times. They say love makes your world go round and round and songs like these just make your heart swoon. Many a times when your thinking about that special someone and the perfect song at the right time can just add a twinkle to your eye, put a smile to your face or even bring a tear to your eye as u remember some old forgotten days.

Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Carole King, The Beatles, Michael learns to rock, Michael Jackson, Whitney Housten, Celine Dion, Roxette, Mariah Carey, Barbara Striesand, BeeGees, Elton John, Jambaze , Seal, Billy Joel and many more have sung love songs that strike a cord with everyone whose ever been in love.

Many movies also feature love songs that have become huge hits like Celine Dion’s my heart will go on from the movie Titanic, I will always love you sung by Whitney Houston from the movie Bodygaurd, Pretty woman from the movie titled Pretty Woman, the Title track of the movie That thing you do sung by The Wonders to name a few.