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Have you be to a super market lately or at the general store around the corner? Well, then you must have seen stacks and stacks of unhealthy junk. The salted chips and creamy biscuits, the piping hot fries and sugar filled candies are enough to lure a hungry stomach.

The most common reason people give for not being able to eat healthy is lack of time and unavailability of healthy snacks.  What if I tell you, that there is one solution to both these problems?

 Energy bars- the answer to all your problems.

Energy bars are quite popular these day. Earlier the fame was limited to the athletic sections of the society but the popularly known as “protein bars”, are now an emerging trend in the health industry.  As the name suggest, energy bars are small, pocket sized bars filled with ingredients that provides energy and nutrition to the body.

Why energy bars?

Indeed there are many options available to one when it comes to snacking like nuts, oats, granola, fruits, dried fruits etc. Most of these are easy to carry around too. Then why should one go for energy bar.

Well, for one, energy bars don’t contain one but many ingredients thus giving you a balanced nutrition. Energy bars, mind you the healthy energy bars contain all the essential nutrients like proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fiber.

Secondly, energy bars are easy to carry around. Energy bars prove their proficiency by being portable and healthy at the same time. Energy bars are generally small and pocket sized and can be stashed easily at your desk or packed in your bag or purse or simply slip in to your pocket while leaving the house.

Energy bars have diverse use and can help you meet several of your health goals. They can be used as a breakfast bar or meal replacer bars on days when time is short and work paramount. Nutrition bars are ideal pre-workout bars and best as a post workout snack too. They aid in weight loss making a healthy mid-meal snack and making it easier to stick to the diet.

What are they made up of?

Let’s take a look at what a healthy energy bar contains. The healthiest of energy bar contain a mix of healthful ingredients like fruits, dry fruits, nuts, seeds, granola, oats, rice crisps, whole cereals, quinoa, honey etc are core ingredients.

Generally ingredients used in the nutrition bar are natural and organic. Awesome taste, exciting flavours and nourishing ingredients is what makes energy bar a snack to enjoy for every reason.

These small, power packed bars are ideal for all, young and old.  It’s a great alternative to sugar filled chocolate bars or full of fat and refined flour cookies. With energy bars you bet the best of taste and health.

A word of caution

While you go shopping for energy bar don’t fall prey to heavy marketing and false claims. Carefully read nutrition labels and ingredient list before buying a healthy energy bar.