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End Your Baldness With Hair Transplant… Once and Forever!

Sometimes, it happens in our lives that we take something for granted because it doesn’t seem to be worth taking care of. It’s not that the importance becomes zero, but the thing is that its importance is mostly overseen. And when we lose it for some reason, its value and importance become clear. But, by that time there is no use because it’s long gone by then. Same is the case with our hair, we overlook the initial forms of hair loss or thinning, and when baldness take over, it’s even difficult to handle.

Latest Innovation in Hair Restoration Treatment

The latest surgical hair restoration treatments have been performed in developed countries since the 1950s. These treatments are facilitating many people since then. If we see now, these treatments are just becoming better due to technological advancement. The hair transplant in Islamabad is providing the latest forms of techniques and procedures that are helping many people to take down baldness for good and get back their lost hair again. This treatment has been revolutionized since then and introduced many new procedures in both surgical and non-surgical genre.

Hair Transplant

Why baldness?

Baldness can happen for various reasons. The most common form of baldness problem nowadays is the pattern baldness issue in both men and women. The major reason behind this problem genetics. Means, if it runs in your family, then you are most probably subject to this problem. The DHT hormone is also a contributing factor behind baldness, hair loss and hair thinning in both men and women. Besides that, your inappropriate diet intake, nutritional deficiencies, skin infections, medications or any underlying health concerns can be one factor behind your baldness.

The best advice for you if you are facing baldness and need a treatment, get a good consultation for hair transplant in Islamabad. Asking an expert and consulting about your baldness issues will help you to get the lead toward the basic problem. It will also help you out to get the suggestion of proper treatment because the expert physically analyzes your scalp. And keeping in view the scalp condition and your medical history, he/she can easily propose a better treatment for you. There are different techniques of performing this procedure, and hold the proper solution for every type of hair loss.

Here are some of the most renowned techniques of surgical hair restoration procedure that are in practice worldwide.

The Follicular Unit Transplant

The follicular unit transplant technique is also known as the strip surgery. In this treatment, the scalp is numbed with a local anesthesia and a strip of normally 6 inches is harvested from the donor area of the scalp. The wound is sutured to cover up the scar and the strip is divided into desired sizes. One strip is usually divided into a minimum of 500 hair grafts and these grafts are individually placed in the recipient area, the bald side of the scalp.

The recovery time is for a few weeks, along with following the post op care instructions by your surgeon, regularly. It is necessary to save the new grafts from any damage because they are delicate immediately after the treatment. The donor area heals after a few weeks of this treatment. The time taken for this procedure is dependent upon the density of baldness a patient has. So, a person to be treated has to spare a half day for this treatment. The normal growth can be seen after 3 months and it’s permanent. The new hair can be managed and styled as the way you like.

The Follicular Unit Extraction

The follicular unit extraction technique is the innovation in surgical hair restoration field. It has revolutionized the traditional method and provided us with the new less invasive, no scar treatment. The discovery of follicles and related studies on it lead to the stepping stone of this specific technique. The procedure starts with the local anesthesia to numb the scalp. The grafts in the form of follicles are extracted from the donor area one by one and implanted to the recipient area.

The FUE hair transplant in Pakistan is famous for being noninvasive because no strip harvesting is involved in it. The grafts are extracted using a special tool that makes very tiny incisions into the scalp and extracted the follicles. Special care and skill are needed for this technique to avoid any damage to the existing follicles. The donor areas heal after few weeks of the treatment. If some dots remain, they are covered by the existing hair.

The recovery time is relatively faster than other techniques, along with following the post op care instructions by your surgeon, regularly. It is necessary to save the new grafts from any damage because they are delicate immediately after the treatment. As the treatment is relatively noninvasive, so there is a surety of far less scarring after the treatment.

There are other non-surgical treatments too such as the Acell, Mesotherapy and PRP treatments, but they are perfect for hair thinning that mostly occurs in females. These are natural treatments to boost the strength of your scalp and hair. The cure for baldness only resides in the surgical procedures that are performed under the supervision of surgeon and doctors having special skills, expertise and years of practice in this specific treatment.

Advantages of Surgical Hair Restoration

There are many benefits of this treatment that can make your time, energy and money worth investing.

  • A pain less procedure because the local anesthesia is given before the treatment.
  • Your own healthy hair is used to regrow hair on the bald areas.
  • The new hair growth is normal and sustains itself in the long run.
  • A single surgical hair restoration procedure can save you from many short treatments that give you nothing profitable.
  • The newly transplanted grafts blend so well with your existing hair that there is no sign of treatment on the scalp.

The hair transplant is not just a treatment, it’s a whole new way to lead you towards the best of yourself. It doesn’t only improve your appearance but having fuller scalp can boost your self-confidence and also makes your success smooth in many walks of life.