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Coffee Tables: Design Tips for the Modern Era

Coffee tables, also called cocktail tables or low tables, are important centerpieces for living rooms, media rooms, and dens. Modern coffee tables are styled differently in 2018, and as tastes change, you might find that your coffee table looks a bit outdated, diminishing the cohesive design of the room it’s in.

Consult these style tips for modern coffee tables so you have a table that looks appropriate, is useful as more than a decorative piece, and ties your entire design scheme together.

Coffee Tables

Coffee Tables Should Stand Out

Be sure that your coffee table isn’t an exact style replica of your hutch, sideboard, bed, end tables, or other furniture in the room where you intend to house it. Coffee tables are wasted opportunities if they don’t carry some unique design features of their own. In fact, coffee tables give you a special opportunity to tie in design elements from other major pieces. Do you have art on the walls framed in black, but nothing else in the room is black? Purchase a black modern coffee table to make the art look more appropriate. Do you have pillows and a rug with unique stripe patterns? Work these parallel lines into the side panels of a unique coffee table.

Coffee Tables Should Be Within Reach

A major style faux pas in 2018 is to place a floating coffee table several feet from the nearest seat. Coffee tables are named after their function as a spot to put down your coffee cup. You and your guests should be able to reach a table from every seat, without standing up or folding all the way into your lap. Your solutions, then, are to or either buy wide enough tables that close in on opposite seats, or buy 2 modern style coffee tables: one for each large sofa or chair. Are you worried about the seats feeling disconnected? Buy similar, but unique tables and decorate the tops to mirror each other. For instance, place similar books and vases on each. Tuck ottomans into each table to make the entire room cohesive but flexible.

Coffee Tables Aren’t Just for Living Rooms

You can work a coffee table into a bedroom, informal den, or casual media room. Every soft seat needs a coffee table for balance, not only to give you a stable surface for books, drinks, etc., but to offer visual contrast to furniture that would otherwise look awkward. Shop for a modern coffee table for every seating arrangement in your home and see for yourself how much more stylish and comfortable these areas will look.

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