Black Tahitian Pearls Characteristics and Buying Tips

French Polynesia is an exotic and romantic destination for travelers as well as the birthplace of Tahitian pearls. The black pearl is a phenomenon produced in black-lip oyster called Pinctada Margaritifera. The black pearl grown in the lagoon farms of French Polynesia are natural in size, shape and luster. The size ranges from 8 mm to 25 mm. The oyster Pinctada Margaritifera grows up to 10lbs in weight and so her creations can possibly be large.

Characteristics of Tahitian pearl

Tahitian black pearls display intense natural colors, which are affluent with undertones of vast spectrum including deep blue, sea greens, cherry, purple, pistachio and peacock. You can even find incredible bronze or metallic hues. Jewelry designer’s imagination gets captivated with the black pearls’ unique characteristics.

Black Tahitian Pearls

Black pearls symbolize wealth and prosperity due to its rarity and incredible price. According to Chinese ancient mythology, black pearls symbolise wisdom as they were formed within the dragon’s head. A Polynesian legend describes how the moon’s magical reflection in Dark Ocean waters lured the black-lip Tahitian oysters on the surface and bestowing them shimmering hues of lavender, pink, blue, green and gold.

Black pearl jewelry is trendy as she can make a bold statement. They are artistic, dignified and alluring. Some fun ways to adorn black pearls.

  • Use them as dark accent to soft colors [e.g. pink or cream] or bold patterns.
  • Match a black dress with black pearl earrings and up-do hair style.
  • Use them in contrast to metallic.
  • Layering black pearl strands over dark clothing can make you look modest and sophisticated.
  • Layering with other necklaces can create dazzling backdrop for pearls to show up and shine.
  • Lustrous and classy black pearl studs soften your facial features and looks exquisite when your hair is ties in as chignon.

Tips to buy black Tahitian pearls

  • Metallic shine that can reflect light and spectrum of colors.
  • Thickness determines surface superiority and overall luster.
  • Black pearl size is normally bigger than 0.8mm.
  • Big size and quality will define the pearl price.
  • Real black pearl is very cool to touch.
  • Fake black pearl will reflect matte finish and appear flat.
  • Fake pearls when seen through hi-powered magnifying lens will display granules and blemishes on its surface.
  • Get it checked from reputed pearl dealers prior buying.

Never hesitate to be fabulous and classy wearing black pearls!