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Best Tool to Find All Public Notices at One Place

One of the most popular search activities on the internet is Public Notices. Every day, millions of people look for important, historical and other publicly registered documents online. Earlier, newspapers were the permanent, legal record for all the public notices. However, with the world moving towards online public notices.

What is the purpose of Public Notices that millions of people are searching about it regularly?

  • Topmost form of making a public announcement of intention to undertake a transaction, pre-requisite to establish a legal claim on a property, checking for liabilities on a property etc.
  • On missing of public notice by the concerned person, the counter-party could take a stand in a court of law that they had made a valid public notice issuance.

So now the question is where to find Public Notices that you are looking for and how to know its authenticity?

Google has always been at the top of the list when it comes to finding anything on the internet and Public Notices are no exception. It belongs to almost everyone’s list of free public records search sites. It is not just free; it is also one of the world’s largest databases of information. Google is a great way to track any mention of your topic on the internet.

As Google index is incredibly large and it is able to pull in details, it is one of the most useful places to start looking for records.

But when you need to keep yourself updated about something or keep a track of something, you usually look for a permanent source, something like a news feed.

Similarly, if someone is into Property Management Services, a tool that can keep them updated about all the public notices being issued, that is nothing like it. We have one of the best tools for the task, Assure by Pecan Reams.

Why should you use this tool to find Public Notices?

Following are the features of Assure that helps you stay abreast about the public notices concerning your immovable properties:

  • It notifies you about any public notice that is issued on your asset or the assets that you are managing through alerts
  • Even though you are being notified about the notices about your asset, you can always search for all the other public notices issued for a property, i.e., it is a online repository of Public Notices
  • Assure – Online Public Notice covers 42 newspapers from MMR currently every day, ensuring that you do not miss out any Public Notice on your asset
  • On an average, 150 Public notices for properties are covered on a daily basis
  • It is a very convenient place for storing and retrieving announcements
  • You get time notifications on Public Notices through emails or SMS to help you make a well-informed decision

Types of Notices Assure –Online Public Notices cover:

  • Demand Notice
  • Public Notice of Enquiry
  • Inviting Tender for Sale of Property
  • Property Claim
  • Property Mortgage
  • Possession Notice
  • Document Lost/Duplicate Application
  • Redevelopment Notice
  • Court Notice
  • Auction Notice

Please note that these resources only cover publicly available records that are made accessible online.