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Anavar Is Identified As An Amazing Body Supplement

Anavar is the trade name of the popular anabolic steroid Oxandrolone. It is considered as the safest steroid. The effects of this compound are well-documented and are in use for more than a few decades. In the medical community, it is considered a safe alternative in comparison to many harmful steroids and therefore used in children and patients suffering from heap-toxicity. This drug is used for the treatment for delayed puberty in children. Furthermore, this steroid has been applied in the treatment of muscle wasting diseases like osteoporosis in both men and women. The most noted usage in medicine has been in expediting healing of wounds caused due to burns.

The hormone Oxandrolone was introduced by Searle Labs in the year 1964. It became a popular drug quickly among people looking for safer alternatives to Dianabol. It has widespread use in sports as it is appealing to female athletes too. There are no virilization symptoms from its usage in women. This steroid is safe and convenient and does not produce excess estrogen. This is useful before a contest and in preventing an increase in body fat. It acts as an appetite suppressant resulting in control of food cravings. As it is mild in nature, low doses are used. The average cycle pour femme is 20 mg per day.

Amazing Body Supplement

Stacking this medication

The bodybuilders witness a great result when this steroid is stacked with an androgenic compound. It is stacked with either an aromatizable product or with a non-estrogenic supplement. This is beneficial as it can maintain lean muscle mass and increase muscle strength when stacked with Stanozolol. For better maintenance of muscle mass, this steroid is combined with Primobolan. It is a versatile steroid and used by advanced as well as beginner level users. It stacks with Anavar for strength enhancement and maintenance during mass adding phase. Clenbuterol of 120-140 mg is a good match during a cutting phase.

Winstrol is another good choice, for 50 mg of Winstrol stacked with 30-40 mg of this steroid gives a good result in enhancement of overall strength without adding weight. In female athletes, stacking is a good option in both bulking and cutting. Most will require only this steroid in a cycle but some enhancers may stack it with other compounds. For first time users, the hormone should be used to make the body tolerant.  This steroid stacks well with anabolic steroids like Primobolan, Clenbuterol and Winstrol in females. The use for 6-8 weeks provides a good result for both men and women.

For sale online

This medication is a popular name for strong muscles. There are several stores that sell this steroid online. One has to find the right source and place the order subsequently. The online stores offer attractive discounts with added benefits like free home delivery, money back policy, easy return policy and many more. The stores have the certification to sell the drugs. Prices are compatible with the market prices and the pharmacies. The order can be placed from anywhere. Some countries permit sale of medications only if prescribed by a doctor and especially if cycle pour femme is within the allowable limit.