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An Exciting Trip To Xi’an

So we all love to travel right? And when the destination is mainland China, it is really exciting. So, this time it is time to travel to one of the biggest Asian country, China. China has been known not just for its large size and population, but also for its business and commerce. The tourism industry is also a great one in China. So, today is the time to know something about Xi’an – one of the prime tourist attraction spot.


Xi’an is the capital of the Shaanxi Province. It is located in North western China. It is one of the oldest cities in China and is well known for being one of the oldest of four Great ancient capitals of China. Xi’an has been one of the best places in China for its Research and Development, National Security and space exploration program. So, you can have an exceptionally beautiful trip toXi’an and taste its unique dish YangrouPaomo. Not only for its development in the above field, Xi’an also has a Filmmaking factory and is one of the leading capital in the form of filmmaking.

Exciting Trip To Xi’an


A trip to Xi’an can be a wonderful one. Check out some of the exclusive places you can visit here.

  • Giant Wild Goose Pagoda
  • Bell Tower
  • Drum Tower
  • Ming dynasty City Wall
  • The Great Mosque Of Xi’an
  • Daming Palace National Heritage Park which is one of the world famous heritage sites
  • Shaanxi History Museum
  • Mount Taibal National Forest Park
  • Mausoleum Of Qin Shi Huang
  • Tomb of Zhou dynasty
  • Tombs of Han dynasty
  • The Stele Forest
  • Famen Temple
  • Blue Dragon Temple
  • Mount li

Not only are the above places significant, there are also a huge number of national parks which can make your trip adventurous. Some of them are Mount Cuihua National geological Park, Chanba National Wetland Park, Mount Wangshun National Forest Park, Mount Zhongnan National ForestPark, Hei He National Forest Park, Taiping National Forest Park. Doesn’t it really sound great to have so many places to visit?


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