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Advertising with Promotional Desk Calendars

Consumers are constantly receiving advertisements. They get brochures in the mail and fliers hung on their doorknobs all the time. Those ads all end up in the garbage, often without so much as a glance at the information on them. But, promotional items catch people’s eyes. They’re not just useless sheets of paper. They have a purpose. Promotional desk calendars are an item people will gladly take and use. And, when they use their desk calendars, they’ll be exposed to the advertisement on them.

promo desk calendars


Calendars are a necessity. Everyone needs a way to keep track of the days. How else will you know when your next day off is or when your best friend’s birthday is? In this age of technology, some people are using their cell phones to keep track of their schedule. But, many people still prefer to have a calendar they can write on and hold and have right on their desk.


When each year comes to a close, stores stock their shelves with wall calendars. Yes, the pictures are pretty and they’re nice and big. But, who wants to stick a nail in their wall just for a calendar? Desk calendars can go anywhere you can fit them. And, since they’re so small, you can fit them almost anywhere.

Perfect for Logos

Promo desk calendars can look just as nice as wall calendars. Being small doesn’t mean they can’t fit a nice picture on them. And, the perfect picture to put on a desk calendar is your business’s logo. A simple picture and colors that are pleasing to the eye will advertise your business without being annoying to look at. You should also put your phone number on the calendar. If you pick the right design for the calendar, there may even be room for your business address and hours!

Different Designs

Desk calendars come in many different designs. Some are simple and some are fancier. The dates may be separated with boxes or they may just be placed in neat rows without any lines to separate them. Pick a calendar style that matches the feel you’re going for with your business.


Since desk calendars are small, simple little items, they’re fairly cheap to make. They’re a great way to advertise without spending too much money.

Promotional items are always a great way to advertise. This is especially true for promo desk calendars. They’re a promotional item that people will use year-round.

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