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A Guide: Steering Your Foundation Repair Needs

When the ground you’re standing on is at risk and the material that supports the floor underneath your feet threatens to give way, nothing is more terrifying for a homeowner than the fact that the foundation on which your house sits is in danger.

Foundation repair in Dallas presents its own unique challenges: North Texas soil is constantly shifting and changing, susceptible to changes in weather, humidity, and dryness, as well as the obvious strain of the heavy buildings sitting on it. Homeowners throughout the area are threatened by the fickle nature of the Texas clay soil (historically used only for farming) and the damages that occur to their properties as a result can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars in urgent repairs.

Steering Your Foundation Repair Needs

Do you see cracks in your walls or in your floors? Are family members frustrated by the fact that the door keeps sticking and is difficult to shut or open despite the many attempts to lubricate the hinges? Is the constant state of repairs on things that never seem to “stay fixed” despite great maintenance and efforts towards keeping your house in tip-top shape? If these all ring true, and you live in North Texas, it’s definitely worth getting a specialist come and take a look at the state of the foundation underneath your property. Consider it taking a look at the disease rather than constantly spending unnecessary time, money, and energy treating its countless symptoms.

The good news: most foundation repair companies offer home inspections for free. It’s an incredible service as these specialists come and spend at least an hour doing a comprehensive check (unless your property is significantly larger than the average home). They check the state of the foundation in different areas in the building as well as evaluate external sources of foundation instability (such as large tree roots that suck the moisture from the soil and cause problems in adjacent homes). After they’ve made a detailed assessment, these specialists can give you an expert’s opinion on whether the foundation needs work and what nature of repairs will it need to be restored.

Lastly, the most important decision you face when it comes to entrusting the care of your home to a company is to choose who you’d like to work with. In today’s world, where the primary source of information is the search tab on your Google home page, most foundation repair companies advertise their services on their own websites and are less than a few clicks away. It’s never a waste of time to do your research when it comes to selecting contractors. Always make sure these companies are members of professional associations (such as the National Foundation Repair Association) as these associations are responsible for auditing these companies, making sure they’re properly insured, and evaluating whether they truly offer the quality services that they advertise. A company that has been in the business of foundation repair for a longer time would most likely have more experience and if they can reliably supply you with references, it’s prudent to follow up on those to hear firsthand experiences of the customers that enlisted their services.

Now that you’re armed with the information that you need to get started, you are ready to fix your property once and for all! Stop looking around at the state of disrepair because now it’s time to look underneath.