7 Places to Visit When In Poznan

From hills to mountains and rivers to lakes, the scenic views in the country of Poland is something that you don’t want to miss in your lifetime. Truly, Poland will surpass your expectations and more. The city of Poznan in Poland is known for being one of the oldest cities in the country. In fact, it is where the first king of Poland was buried. Yet behind this rich history, Poznan remains to be a vibrant city that deserves the yearly visits from hundreds of visitors every year. Come to Poznan and discover the best places to visit by land through Wynajem samochodów Poznań.

7 Places to Visit When In Poznan

1.     Citadel Park

Probably Poznan’s largest recreation Park, Citadel Park is perfect for kids and adults alike. Here you’ll find the remains of what used to be the Prussian Fortress which now houses the Army Museum and the Museum of Armaments. The park has an open space large enough to accommodate concerts and other events.

2.     Old Market Square

This place is something that you won’t be able to miss when in Poznan. The Old Market Square is the most interestingly beautiful area in the whole city with its Renaissance building that houses the Town Hall. The building is popular for its clock with the mechanical goats that bob their heads every day at noon.

3.     Cathedral Island

The Piast dynasty once settled in this island. Cathedral Island is referred to as historical gem since the basilica’s underground holds the tombs of famous rulers including Boleslaw, the Brave-Poland’s first king. People visit the island not only for the rich history but for the beautiful landscapes, as well.

4.     Church of St. Stanislaus

Baroque architecture is prevalent in the country of Poland. In Poznan, the 17th century church of St. Stanislaus is a perfect example. You’ll find the exquisite altarpiece in the presbytery and the painting of St. Stanislaus inside the church.

5.     Lake Malta

The lake can be found by the Warta River which is one of Poland’s largest rivers. Families often visit this site during winter when all sorts of recreational activities are done. It has an artificial slope, an ice rink and even a zoo. Many world championships in rowing and kayaking were also hosted in the lake.

6.     Croissant Museum

St. Martin’s Croissant is famous for its delicious pastries in Poland which even dates back to the 19th century. Every year on St. Martin’s Day, people gather and enjoy millions of croissants. The museum also offers a demonstration of the baking process and at the end of the demo, you can taste the yummy croissants, too.

7.     Old Brewery 50 50

If you enjoy shopping and other urban activities, visit Old Brewery 50 50. This iconic place is the center for shopping and houses both a hotel and an arts center. The unique architecture of the building is also a sight to behold.

The buildings and architecture of a place speak so much about its rich history. The country of Poland is a historical landmark that should be included in your bucket list. Go to Poznan and visit the beautiful places with Wynajem samochodów Poznań.