7 Nifty Skills of The Best Social Media Managers

Being a social media manager means you are always in a flux and you aren’t employed to do one job. You need to wear different hats in a day including the marketing, customer service, conflict resolution manager, brand reputation management and a sales’ agent cap among others. For these reasons and roles, you require the skills that will help you run these tasks effortlessly.

Though working as a social media manager wasn’t a career ten years ago, it is becoming one the biggest marketing careers. To earn that big check, you’ll need the following skills:

Social Media Managers

  1. Customer service

As a social media manager, customer service and customer management is your cup of tea and skill that is as important as filing in your employee emergency contact form. As a social media manager, you’ll need to know how to use different social media platforms.

Among other functions, you’ll need to know when to take your social media communications offline, how to respond promptly, how to maintain the brand and to use the right tone, being proactive and how to inform future marketing decisions.

  1. Communication skills

What does your voice say about you and the brand you represent? Is the content you churned well written? Are you able to prepare excellent captions and titles? Captions say a lot more about the video or photos posted, and bad captions will lower the effects of the picture on your audience. With the right words and the right voice, you can tap into your readers’ emotions, and that translates into higher shareability.

  1. Creativity

You need a creative mind to succeed in social media marketing because one of your roles as a social media manager is to direct marketing content. So, you have to understand the creative process and also come up with content that engages with your customer base. Your content must have a lasting impact, and in most cases, you have to think on your toes.

You are the company’s artist and your understanding of the importance of the content you churn out means you stay in business for a long time. This is the job that gets you paid because of your artistic side and yourself of humor behind the scenes.

  1. SEO skills

Search engine optimizations, SEO, isn’t just a forte for web developers, web designers, bloggers, and copywriters, but is also necessary for social media managers. For ranking, social media management plays a big role because Google will look out for content that gains traction fact on social media. Also, your reach, relevance, plus resonance is important in social media marketing meaning that any social media manager needs to know how  SEO works on social media.

  1. Photography

You have to be good with the camera to share images/ posts that have a high reach on social media. To be the best social media manager, you have to understand the ins and outs of time-lapse photography and shutter speed techniques.

  1. Strategic planning

To succeed as a social media manager, you have to understand how online searches, content and social media work so that everything you out boost your brand image and the search engine gods.

  1. Community management

This is also called brand reputation management. You need to be able to create, observe and respond to conversations happening within your brand community. You can do this by responding to comments on Facebook, monitoring tweets and engaging with brand advocates, if any.  Your PR skills and common sense will make you successful.

Finally, you should be good in design, copywriting, analytics and you should also be a good leader.

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