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6 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

Whether you are starting a business or creating a personal website, you need to purchase a domain. To do so, you will need to choose a domain name, which may be more difficult than you realize. With so many websites already on the internet, it’s hard to find a domain that’s available and fits your business. Follow these tips to choose your domain name.  
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Keep It Short and Simple 

Long and complex domain names are often misspelled or forgotten altogether. Instead, keep your domain short and sweet. You should also ensure that your domain is easy to type for your customers. For example, using the number 2 instead of the word “to” can be confusing and make it more difficult for customers to find your site. The same can be said of slang terms and words with multiple spellings.  

Don’t Use Numbers or Hyphens 

Hyphens and numbers are often confusing to people. If they hear your web address, they may not know if a number if spelled out or in numeral form. They may also forget or misplace a dash. If these characters are crucial to your domain, register a few common variations to limit confusion. 

Use Keywords 

Consider incorporating keywords into your domain that describe your company and what you do. For instance, if you own a dog walking company, consider purchasing Doing this can boost your rank in search engine results, which will make it easier for new customers to find you. You can also use local keywords too like your city or state. So, if you run a dog walking company in Tulsa, you can register Again, this improves your search engine ranking and gives your customers all the information they need. 

Research the Domain 

Once you have settled on a name, be sure to do some research about it. Make sure it isn’t already trademarked, copyrighted, or owned by another company. If your domain is registered to another person, you can find out who owns domain and potentially purchase it from them. 

Choose the Right Extension 

The extension is the pieces at the end of the web address like .com, or .biz. Each extension has a unique use, so make sure you choose the correct one. The most popular extension is .com, which can make it hard to obtain. Consider your other options, too. 

With the above tips in mind, you can choose the best domain name for your business. Don’t forget to keep it simple, use keywords, and, if needed, find out who owns the domain so you can buy from them.