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5 Reasons That Make Vistara a Preferred Flying Partner

While there are a number of air carriers in India, Vistara has been able to make a unique impression on flyers since its inception in 2015. There are a number of reasons that make the airline a preferred flying choice for thousands of travellers. Five such reasons are discussed in this post.

Vistara, the joint venture between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines, commenced its operations in the year 2015. By June 2016, the carrier had already catered to more than 2 million passengers. While the expansion plans of the airline are not as aggressive as many other carriers in the country, it has successfully turned into a preferred flying partner for thousands of travellers in India.

With a slogan that says ‘Fly The New Feeling’, the airline ensures that the flying experience of each of its passengers is comfortable and rewarding. Let us have a look at some reasons that make Vistara Airlines such a popular carrier in India.

Preferred Flying Partner

  1. Multiple Cabin Classes with Seamless Services

Vistara flights offer three different cabin classes- Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class with a wide range of personalised services. No matter if you are a business or a leisure traveller, the cabins are designed very thoughtfully to offer a pleasant flying experience to all the passengers. It is this focus on the cabins and services that the carrier has been recently awarded ‘Best Domestic Airline’ for the second time by the Travel + Leisure India and South Asia travel magazine.

  1. Club Vistara Membership Advantages

The airline also has one of the most amazing frequent flyer program known as Club Vistara. While most of the carriers in the country reward flyers on the basis of the miles they travel, Vistara rewards the passengers on the basis of the money they spend. Combined with the service quality and in-flight facilities, this frequent flier program only elevates the experience of flying through Vistara. Also, you get additional 5 Kgs baggage check-in baggage allowance as a Club Vistara member.

  1. Delicious In-flight Menu

The in-flight menu aboard Vistara flights incorporates local delicacies as well as global cuisines to suit every traveller. Depending on the duration and departure time of the flights, cold as well as hot meals are served onboard. Moreover, the carrier also takes special meal orders if placed in advance. Recently, the airline has also started serving Starbucks Coffee on the flights.

  1. Hassle-free Check-in

Apart from the check-in at the airport, the carrier also offers web and mobile check-in. No matter if you are at home or office, the large number of check-in options ensure enhanced convenience and time-savings. But ensure that you do check the terms and conditions when you check-in online or through mobile to avoid any discrepancies.

  1. Regular Discounts

Whether you are booking Chennai Delhi flights or any other Vistara flights; there are regular discounts and offers waiting for you. Apart from this, Air Vistara runs special students discounts too. While this offer is only available for domestic Vistara flights, it is great to see an air carrier that wants to do their part in giving wings to the achievers of tomorrow.

While the aviation sector in India is now crowded than ever, Vistara is an air carrier that has been able to offer something different and something better to the travellers. If you are planning to fly anytime soon, try Vistara, and you are sure to thank yourself for the decision.