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5 Misconceptions about Women’s Self Defense Courses

Women’s self defense classes are more popular than ever, especially because common misconceptions about these courses are disappearing. Now, more than ever, women are taking the opportunity to learn important self defense techniques, and many more women are helping get the word out that these classes aren’t just important, they can save lives. Women of all ages can learn important skills from courses like these.

Before you look into signing up, it’s time to take down some dangerous misconceptions about women’s self defense classes. You may have believed one or all of these to be true in the past.

women's self defense classes

You Have to Be Athletic

You don’t have to be in great shape with an athletic history in order to take self defense courses. Not only are the classes part of an excellent exercise regimen, incorporating strength techniques with moves that get your heart rate pumping, they can help you achieve a healthier, more athletic body type. Also, you don’t have to be strong to be able to defend yourself. You just have to learn the proper techniques.

Instructors Teach Aggression

The point of women’s self defense is absolutely not to be aggressive. Students are not taught to go looking for fights or to refuse to stand down in the face of all danger. Rather, women are taught important techniques for avoiding physical confrontation, protecting themselves from harm, and escaping dangerous situations. There’s a difference between learning to defend oneself and learning to harm others.

They Teach Paranoia

Students are also not taught to unfairly profile certain individuals as dangerous. They are not taught to fear all men or be ready for a fight at all times. Instead, students are taught to be prepared to defend themselves when necessary. Paranoia, fear, and awareness are all different states of mind. Self defense courses will teach you the latter.

They’re Expensive

Self defense courses are more affordable than you might think. Rates are competitive and completely doable. Unlike luxury gyms, which are designed to price certain people out of memberships, self defense classes are designed to serve the community, and that is why they’re affordable for just about anyone.

They’re Long Commitments

Whether you have a few short days available or want to make women’s self defense classes part of a long-term routine, these courses are for you. No one is too busy to take the time to learn important self defense skills in an environment of affirmation and strength.

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