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4 Classic Things to Do on the Beach with Your Kids

When you head to the beach with your kiddos, you can expect heaps of great fun from the moment you step onto the sands. Your youngsters are probably super-excited, and the long trip to paradise has definitely been made worth it when their eyes light up at the sights and sounds of the ocean. Now that you are here, how about a few classic things to do on the beach with your kids? Read on for fun suggestions on timeless beachy, breezy activities, and be sure to click here for destination ideas for folks who would prefer to travel timeshare-less.

Beach with Your Kids

Plop Down on the Foamy Seashore

And let the waves roll over your feet. Seafoam is a mash-up of ocean bubbles that fizz and pop at your toes, which tickles enough to send your youngsters into fits of giddy giggles. Sit in the seashores, look out over the ocean, and have some quirky or deep conversations with your littlest loved ones. It’s all about bonding from this point on.

Wade into The Ocean and Jump the Waves

Keep your little ones in your sights and head out into the waves. Wade to around knee deep and show them how to jump the rolling waves that splash against their calves. Giggles are sure to follow. This one is best for older kiddos, around 6 or so, that can stand steadily in moving water.

Build a Ginormous Sandcastle with Lots of Towers

Sandcastles are absolute musts when you go to the beach. Take some supplies with you, like pails, small shovels, and sea molds, and construct a ginormous sandcastle with lots of towers. Your kids will add in their own quirks, of course, like a moat filled with imaginary sharks and alligators. Or, a drawbridge made from seashells, seaweed, and washed-up wood.

Collect Seashells at Daybreak

Daybreak is the perfect time to go hunting for seashells on the seashore, because the tides roll out to unveil the treasures that the ocean brought to the shores overnight. You might get lucky enough to find perfect conch shells, or a few teeny, tiny shells that your kiddos can hang onto as keepsakes. Bring a flashlight and a plastic bag for when you and your youngsters find seaside goodies. But watch out for washed-up jellyfish.

While other families go to beach towns for the attractions, you go for the actual sights and sounds of the sands and waves. Teach your kids how to enjoy the serenity and beauty of the ocean and sandy seashores with the aforementioned classic beachy activities.