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3 Ways that Home Care Nurses Can Help with Medications

Home care in Pasadena is a necessity for elderly people with mobility issues, the handicapped, or people recovering from serious injuries. Unless you’re able to devote much of your free time to caring for a loved one, they’ll need a home care nurse to help them with daily activities, one of the most important of which is taking medications. Home care nurses are medical professionals who are trained to help the elderly or disabled with basic living needs and provide company, all right in the comfort of the patient’s own home. Below are the top 3 ways that these generous people can help your loved one with their medications.

Home Care Nurses

Remembering Dosages

Chances are, if someone is either mentally or physically disabled, including those who suffer from dementia or a broken hip, they’re being medicated. Doctors often give out several medications, even for a similar medical issue. For instance, someone with osteoporosis may be taking calcium supplements, pain killers, and an osteoporosis treatment drug. Your loved one may have trouble remembering which ones to take at what times, how many to take at a time, etc. A home care nurse can help your loved one stay on top of their prescriptions so that they can stay healthy. This is especially important because some medications are ineffective if you don’t take them on a strict time schedule.

Remembering Instructions

Unfortunately, different medications all come with a different set of directions, and a home care nurse will not only be aware of these instructions, but will help your loved one stick to them. They’ll know which medications your loved one needs to take with food or on an empty stomach, which ones should be chewed or swallowed one, which ones should be taken in bed, and much more. If your loved one takes their medications incorrectly, they can render the drug ineffective or possibly even dangerous.

Watching for Side Effects

Certain drugs come with a variety of side effects. Blood thinners are life-saving drugs, but in the event of a serious wound, blood thinners can make clotting difficult, and your loved one can lose a great deal of blood. This is just one example of a side effect of a serious medication. When you enlist professional home care in Pasadena for your loved one, you’re leaving help at their side. A nurse can identify serious side effects, identify an emergency, contact a patient’s physician on their behalf, and even call an ambulance if necessary.