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3 Pallet Rack Safety Tips Every Company Should Know

Taking steps to ensure the continued safety of your pallet racking system is a vital part of remaining in compliance. It is also important for protecting your employees, and the valuable assets that are being stored. Following are three, simple tips that every warehouse can use to avoid accidents, loss of goods, and loss of life.

Use Column Protectors In All High-Traffic Zones

Pallet Rack Safety Tips

Although column protectors certainly aren’t capable of preventing all damages to your racking system, they can absorb the majority of the force that’s created when forklifts come in contact with them. As such, column protectors should be installed in all high-traffic areas. End-of-aisle guards can be additionally installed as well in order to keep the system safe from reversing or turning forklifts. Companies like Simply Rack offer a vast range of pallet rack accessories for protecting both columns and aisle ends. Keep in mind that even when column protectors are in place, all impact events should be immediately reported and the affected areas should be professionally examined and repaired.

Make Sure That Proper Loading Techniques Are Being Employed

For perishable items or items with limited shelf lives, pallet flow racks are the best system designs given that they use a first-in, first-out, ordering system. This way, your team members aren’t scrambling to find the right pallets or boxes, and they won’t be tempted to try climbing or standing on the racking system in order access exactly what they need. Moreover, companies should make sure that forklift operators are always loading pallets squarely and securely on racks so that these rest evenly on the load beams. In addition to achieving optimum weight disbursement, proper loading will also make it easier for workers to avoid overfilling the load bays as per the visible load ratings.

Always Start With A Smooth And Even Foundation

While your current, concrete flooring might look level enough, it is important to make sure that the foundation for your pallet racking system is absolutely perfect, long before you begin adding load beams and bays. This is why it is important to have even the most basic racking system installed by reputable professionals. Seasoned installers can verify that the flooring surface is both square and plumb before any work is started.